It’s difficult to question LeBron James’ greatness. However, people do question his honesty. In this age of accessible information, nothing gets past anyone. So, when the star athlete embellishes a bit, the public is quick to call him out on it. What’s funny is that he brings a lot of this on to himself.

It’s crazy when you think about it. We’ve never seen someone so high profile genuinely think that they’re really pulling a fast one on us. Like Katt Williams once said, “Don’t you know I can see you?” Well, we can, and the types of fibs James has been caught telling are pretty damn funny.

Case in point, below is a funny illustration of the four-time MVP’s propensity to lie that was created by a fan. If you’re spotted as a liar, you would be basically wearing the LeBron James starter kit.

Let’s take a look at some of the legend’s funniest lies and the jokes surrounding them.

1. Jalen Ramsey lets LeBron James hear it to his face

Jalen Ramsey makes it clear that he has seen what the streets have been saying for years about James. With that, he won’t get got by any of his chicanery. It’s funny to watch the NBA player acknowledge what we all know — that he constantly bold-face lies to our faces in jest.

2. Denying his propensity to flop, followed by a compilation of him flopping

James clearly denies trying to sway a game by flopping. But as we can see, he has been no stranger to it over the years. Check out this hilarious compilation of him doing the most during his games.

3. LeBron James lying about knowing that Kobe Bryant would score 81 points against the Toronto Raptors

In one of the funniest clips that you’ll ever see, James swears up and down that he knew Kobe Bryant was scoring 81 points on this fateful night against the Toronto Raptors. We must say, the power forward really tries to expertly weave a story out of thin air. It’s a gallant effort at best.

Ryan The Crash Dummy later cracked jokes about the 81 points lie.

4. LeBron James lies about loving The Godfather

We don’t think James ever expected that mentioning movies and books that he loves would result in reporters asking him to divulge more on the subject. Clearly, he’s put on the spot here and wasn’t prepared to answer with a legitimate response. Thankfully, the reporter didn’t harp on anything.

5. What LeBron James has learned from reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Similarly, James was visibly reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X, yet when asked about what he learned so far, he couldn’t respond with any detail. The book begins with the death of Malcolm’s father, and it’s a very easy point to discuss his trajectory from that experience in Omaha, Nebraska, to the places that life took him. So clearly, at least at that time, James hadn’t read too much of the book. And of course, that lie sparked the below clip. If you’ve never seen this video, you haven’t lived!

6. When LeBron James said he watched the soccer games

This is maybe one of James’ most egregious lies. The sports star doesn’t realize the soccer player he’s speaking to is on the team he claims to watch. In fact, it seems like at this moment, James hasn’t even been to one of their soccer games yet. The backpedaling here is simply hilarious.

7. LeBron James said he saw three rims

When James mentioned seeing three rims, you can tell he wasn’t trying to be facetious. However, no matter how blurry the vision, we all know he saw one rim. Maybe this was just a figure of speech? Hard to give the benefit of the doubt when the lies have been dropping more than an Aesop fable, right?

8. When LeBron James allegedly put his team on to Migos

This was James’ anecdote about putting his team on to Migos, and how he knew they were going to be the next group to rise in Hip Hop. In retrospect, this is also met with an eye roll. But hey, of course James knew the Migos would pop.

For all your greatness LeBron James, you still manage to provide us with infinite laughs. Good looking out, King!