Rap songs have the type of energy and intensity that make them an excellent choice for superhero movies. Powerful beats and epic themes can perfectly complement a film's larger-than-life adventures and dramatic storylines.

Presumably, when studios and curators select tracks for a particular production, it’s essential to choose ones that not only match the tone of the film, but also enhance the emotional impact of key scenes, whether it's a thrilling battle sequence, an introspective moment of character development, or the triumphant climax. One example is Eminem's "Lose Yourself," an iconic track with a driving rhythm and motivational lyrics. Another great choice might be "Power" by Kanye West. Ye's powerful production and assertive lyrics make it suitable for scenes showcasing a superhero's abilities and confidence.

Incorporating Hip Hop into superhero films can also bring a modern and relatable edge to the genre. Kendrick Lamar already proved this with Black Panther: The Album, a compilation that showed how the culture can be seamlessly integrated into the superhero narrative.

Below, REVOLT collected 15 songs that could enhance a blockbuster and its inhabitants, protagonist or antagonist. Not only might these tracks provide a compelling auditory backdrop, but also enrich the storytelling by mirroring a character's struggles, triumphs, and complexities.

1. Power – Kanye West

The intense energy from Kanye West’s then-comeback single could be used to build hype for a superhero's entrance or a climactic fight scene. The aggressive lyrics about wanting and wielding power can perfectly embody a villain's rise or a hero's descent into darkness.

2. Lose Yourself – Eminem

In some ways, “Lose Yourself” was a superhero theme of sorts for Eminem’s character, the rapper B-Rabbit from the drama 8 Mile. One way to look at the high-energy offering would be to examine its core theme of overcoming pressure and seizing the moment, which perfectly captures the feeling a protagonist might experience before a major battle.

3. DNA. – Kendrick Lamar

“DNA.” -- and much of the rollout and accompanying tour for DAMN. -- featured Kendrick Lamar as his alter ego, Kung-Fu Kenny. It’s that character that takes center stage in the song’s accompanying visual, which also provides plenty of ideas on how the track could work for a superhero flick. One concept that "DNA." explores is that of duality, the good and bad within us. Imagine a scene where a character faces a moral dilemma or an internal struggle between their heroic calling and their darker impulses.

4. Lord Knows – Drake and Rick Ross

While Drake and Rick Ross’ boastful-yet-inspirational rhymes were some of their best career-wise, it’s the song’s production – courtesy of the legendary Just Blaze – that turns “Lord Knows” into the perfect soundtrack for a movie’s big-budget action scene. The gospel choir sample alone speaks to themes of sacrifice and the burden of responsibility.

5. We Outchea – Ace Hood and Lil Wayne

Ace Hood's "We Outchea" is a high-energy track that injects confidence and bravado. It can be a great choice for a scene showcasing the hero's public persona or a rallying cry for fellow heroes. The powerful chorus, "We outchea, ain’t no sleepin’, ‘cause we outchea" could play in the background as the main character makes a triumphant public appearance or a group of power players unite to face a common threat.

6. Won’t Let You Down – Chamillionaire and Kevin Cossum

Chamillionaire's "Won't Let You Down" is about as inspirational as one could get in Hip Hop, and such a theme would certainly prove perfect when trying to encapsulate resilience, loyalty, and triumph on the big screen. Whether a hero is working to overcome adversity, reaffirming their commitment to protecting others, or ultimately prevailing against formidable foes, Chamillionaire's Ultimate Victory cut would get the job done.

7. Remember The Name – Fort Minor

Fort Minor’s “Remember The Name” is a song that’s been used to amp up viewers before – one example includes being promotional material for “Wrestlemania,” a major wrestling event that gives off superhero vibes thanks to the athletes and their larger-than-life personas. Mike Shinoda’s hook about what’s required of an emcee to reach success adds to the positive, inspirational vibes of the track.

8. X Gon’ Give It To Ya – DMX

Admittedly, this particular song was already used for Deadpool, as the title and hook matched perfectly with the comedic action film’s correlation to Marvel’s X-Men. With that said, the booming production and DMX’s hard-hitting wordplay is too timeless not to be utilized for that next enthralling blockbuster.

9. B.O.B. – OutKast

“B.O.B.,” taken from OutKast’s Stankonia project, is a mega-burst of energy – so much so that it somehow morphed into an anti-war anthem. The track could absolutely electrify a superhero movie with its intense energy and rapid-fire delivery, making it an ideal choice for a high-octane action sequence, a climactic battle, or a daring rescue.

10. I Really Mean It – The Diplomats

Just Blaze struck gold with his production for “I Really Mean It,” with horns and a sample that invokes feelings of victory and triumph. As such, the Dipset banger would be great for a scene that captures the gritty determination and unwavering confidence of the hero after completing a mission. Cam’ron & Co. could even appear as the protagonists in question.

11. When I Want – French Montana

As one of the craziest beats heard on French Montana’s Excuse My French album, “When I Want” could prove well for the superhero or the supervillain. For the former, the track could play during moments of strategic planning or confrontation as emphasis for one’s control and mastery over challenging situations. Conversely, for a supervillain, the song's swaggering tone would suit scenes of domination and highlight an evildoer’s ruthless ambition and unyielding drive to achieve their nefarious goals.

12. Can't Hold Us – Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and Ray Dalton

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us" thrives on underdog energy and relentless drive. It would be a great fit for a montage scene showcasing a superhero's origin story or training. One specific example might be flashing cuts of the hero overcoming grueling challenges, with the song’s background chants and Ray Dalton’s hook perfectly capturing their struggle.

13. Ambition – Wale, Meek Mill, and Rick Ross

Wale’s “Ambition” is all about the will to win, with lyrics like, “Ambition is priceless, it’s something that’s in your veins, and I put that on my name.” That intro and the song’s chorus can be incredibly uplifting during a moment where the hero unlocks their full potential. One could also use the subject matter as a darker undercurrent for the bad guy, who is determined to destroy his foes by any means necessary.

14. This Is America – Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino's "This Is America" could be a powerful, yet unsettling, choice for a superhero movie soundtrack, depending on the tone you want to set. The song's social commentary on gun violence, racism, and societal issues can be a stark contrast to the usual superhero narrative – or, it can match the thought process of an antihero in a similar vein as a Punisher or Magneto.

15. The Fire – The Roots and John Legend

The Roots' "The Fire" could serve as an inspiring and dynamic anthem in a superhero movie, capturing the hero's inner strength and relentless determination. The song's motivational lyrics and powerful production would be perfect for scenes where the hero rises from setbacks or rallies others to join their cause. Its uplifting and fiery tone could amplify moments of personal growth and transformation, and emphasize the hero's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.