The music industry is always evolving because new talents continue to share their signature sounds and riveting tales with the world. One entertainer who fits that bill is Shaboozey, the genre-blending cultural phenomenon who is taking the industry by storm.

For decades, society has tried to keep Black musicians in a box that didn’t fully allow for the artists’ exploration beyond the scope of Hip Hop and R&B. However, Shaboozey is among several creators who are changing the narrative.

While his sound mainly focuses on country elements, the singer-songwriter also effortlessly incorporates other genres that his ancestors perfected and dominated. Thus, the rising star simultaneously showcases his versatility and honors the musical heritage of Black artists.

Though the odds may have been stacked against him, Shaboozey’s passion for music has always been way too deep to be altered by naysayers.

Here are 15 interesting things you may not have known about the emerging country singer.

1. Shaboozey’s stage moniker is a play on his last name

Born Collins Obinna Chibueze, the rising talent’s stage name is a play on his surname, per an interview with New Wave Magazine. The Igbo moniker, Chibueze, translates to “God is king.”

2. He was raised in Virginia

While the suburbs of Virginia don’t seem like the ideal place for a musician to thrive, Shaboozey has given the state a lot of credit for shaping him into the artist he is today. But during an interview with NPR, he also expressed that he had to venture out in order to grow. “As much as I loved it and it's a part of me, I had to leave to get to where I'm at right now,” he said. Nonetheless, the musician still puts on for the place he calls home. “From the beginning, one of my biggest goals was to go out there and build a sound for Virginia, something people could really feel inspired by,” he told Lovin’ Life Music Fest.

3. He has a production company called V Picture Films

In his chat with New Wave Magazine, Shaboozey revealed that he is multifaceted. The singer expressed that his production company, V Picture Films, aims to have a studio in Virginia to host mid-Atlantic talent. “When I was young, I knew I would be a storyteller, and would jump into creating worlds without fear. V Picture Films pays homage to my younger self and is a token reminder to keep that childhood dream alive,” he told the publication.

4. Shaboozey initially wanted to be an author

Before pursuing music, the young man aspired to be a novelist, according to Harper’s Bazaar. “I was always telling stories, always trying to find ways to create something. Maybe that was a short film with my friends or writing, but I was always drawn to telling stories,” he shared. Shaboozey's passion for storytelling is also evident in his lyrics.

5. He is a Taurus

Born on May 9, 1995, the country artist falls under the earth sign. Taurus characteristics include being hardworking, dedicated and persistent, which all echo strongly with Shaboozey’s nature. Determined to make it out of his small hometown in Virginia, he stayed true to himself and his passions.

6. He is Nigerian-American

In an interview with GQ, the multihyphenate revealed that both of his parents are Nigerian and his dad is an immigrant. He credited a part of his love for country music to the farming within the West African country. “Agriculture is a big thing over there. There's a lot of herdsmen. There's a lot of people growing crops,” he said.

In March, Beyoncé dropped her eighth studio album, COWBOY CARTER. While she made it clear that the project wasn't necessarily a country compilation, the icon still featured talents privy to the genre. Shaboozey appeared on two records: “SPAGHETTII” with country singer Linda Martell and “SWEET * HONEY * BUCKIIN’.” Overjoyed with his accomplishment, the artist took to Twitter after its release and wrote, “TWO SONGS ON A BEYONCÉ ALBUM?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?! LIFE NOT EVEN REAL RN!!! Y’ALL CAN’T TELL ME NUN!!!!”

8. He has a love for old Western films

Would Shaboozey be a true country-singing man if he didn’t enjoy movies about the Wild West? The young talent told NBC that he used to read about the old outlaws in Dime Pulp magazines and romance cowboy novels. Now, he sees the past playing a big part in modern trends and music. “I love connecting the bridge and showing people [that] these are the same concepts in Hip Hop and country-Western music,” he said.

9. His first album came out in 2018

While his rise to fame came about in the 2020s, Shaboozey has been a force to be reckoned with for quite some time. His 11-track debut, Lady Wrangler, came out in October 2018. The collection seamlessly blended his love for Hip Hop and country, greatly foreshadowing the trajectory of his music career. His distinct voice and use of eclectic beats on the album resonated deeply with fans and established him as a diverse artist.

10. He attended a boarding school in Nigeria

According to HYFIN, Shaboozey spent some of his younger years attending a boarding school in Nigeria. This experience exposed him to an abundance of cultural differences, thus deepening his connection to his Nigerian roots and enriching his artistic perspective.

11. His song with Duckwrth appeared in a Spider-Man movie

In 2018, Shaboozey teamed up with rapper Duckwrth to compose a record that landed on the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The upbeat, hard-hitting “Start a Riot” was perfect for the superhero movie, as its tempo gave a rush of adrenaline during action-packed scenes.

12. He was inspired to make music after watching “106 & Park”

The iconic countdown music video show “106 & Park” played a vital role in every Black culture lover’s life from 2000 to 2014. Fans would tune in to watch the hottest videos and see celebrity interviews, ciphers and performances — there was no way Shaboozey was missing out on that. He told COLORSxSTUDIOS that watching the show was one of his earliest musical memories. “As a kid, I was amazed by watching Juvenile and Lil Wayne videos. I felt like they transported me into their world. I fell in love with music videos after that,” he revealed.

13. “A Bar Song (Tipsy)” replaced Beyoncé’s “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” at No. 1 on the charts

Shaboozey is out here making history! Surpassing Queen Bey on the charts is certainly nothing to be taken lightly. According to Billboard, this was the very first time that “two Black artists have led the chart in back-to-back weeks since the chart became an all-encompassing genre ranking in 1958.”

14. He is signed to Empire Records

In 2018, the proud Virginia native moved to Los Angeles, where he landed a deal with Republic Records. In 2021, Eric Hurt, a Nashville record executive, signed the musician to Empire Records, per The Washington Post. After hearing one of his songs for the first time, Hurt said his first thought was, “Man, I don’t know where this fits, genre-wise, because it’s just a real blend. But this guy’s great.”

15. Shaboozey’s career began during the SoundCloud rap era

SoundCloud helped many of our favorite artists get their start in the music industry. Because the app was so accessible, aspiring musicians revolutionized how their sound was produced and shared. During his sit down with GQ, the publication revealed that Shaboozey’s journey began as the platform started expanding.