Megan Thee Stallion has undeniably cemented her status as one of the most electrifying voices in Hip Hop. The Houston talent embodies her city's rich rap tradition, effortlessly blending Southern swagger with fierce wordplay.

Beyond her magnetic stage presence and unapologetic confidence, Megan's freestyling ability stands as a testament to her raw talent and dedication to her craft. Meg’s impeccable flow and lyrical dexterity are consistently put on display, which regularly leaves audiences awestruck. Whether she's spitting bars over a classic beat or delivering off-the-dome rhymes in a cypher, the superstar commands attention with razor-sharp delivery and undeniable charisma.

Moreover, Tina Snow’s freestyling prowess extends beyond mere technical skill; it's infused with authenticity and unfiltered self-expression. Her rhymes have touched on themes of empowerment, sexuality, and self-assurance, resonating with listeners who appreciate her unapologetic approach. In an industry where authenticity is highly valued, Megan's ability to stay true to herself while effortlessly dominating the mic sets her apart as a force to be reckoned with.

Below lie 15 different instances where she brought those hard-hitting freestyle flows to the surface on camera. Check out some examples showcasing what makes her a true rap powerhouse.

1. K104 freestyle: “You get hurt by the lies, but you in love with the truth, we can get into this gangster s**t or we can keep it cute, I am not in competition with none of you rapper b**ches, you wouldn’t be better than me if genies granted yo' wishes...”

In a moment of mutual Texas love, Megan paid a visit to DJ Hollyhood Bay Bay at K104 in Dallas. While there, she blessed the listeners with a crazy freestyle over The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” instrumental. Keeping things straight to the point, she delivered bars about her wealth, haters, and sexual preferences. For kicks, you can catch Bay Bay’s angle of the above freestyle here.

2. L.A. Leakers freestyle (Part 1): “You b**ches acting, I'm sick of all this capping, I'm the only bad b**ch that's out right now really rapping...”

Megan provided DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible with a 16-bar verse over 2Pac and Snoop Dogg’s iconic “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.” This time, she made a declaration about her mic abilities and position over other female rap competitors, both talent-wise and financially.

3. Fire In The Booth freestyle: “I got an ex that say he gon' leave his new b**ch whenever I call him, got an ex that say that every time he see me, there’s gon' be problems, got an ex that’s on his homeboy IG tryna stalk me now, got an ex that miss me so bad, probably praying for me now...”

Before Charlie Sloth departed from BBC Radio 1, he was able to get Megan in the studio for not one but two verses over two beats provided courtesy of her go-to beatsmith, LilJu. For her British fans, the “Savage” star went off with boastful rhymes about The Jackson 5, Pikachu, and cognac. She also dropped a clever four-bar sequence about past lovers for extra measure.

4. Sway In The Morning freestyle: “First of all, I ain’t sorry for a motherf**kin’ thing, standing 10 toes hard down on anything I say...”

All Hip Hop fans know that rapping on-air for Sway Calloway is both a general requirement and a rite of passage for an emcee. As such, Megan brought her best to Shade 45 over the instrumental for 2Pac’s “Hit Em Up” diss. Even though her ending was abrupt, the bars were more than enough to earn Sway & Co.’s approval.

5. The Take freestyle: “F**king broke n**gas ain't gon' get you what you need, why you give that p**sy to that n**ga for the free if you can't call him when you having an emergency...”

Above, Tina Snow dropped by Headkrack’s series, “The Take.” In the closing bars, she made sure to provide a valuable lesson for her core fans to reflect on while spitting rhymes about unreliable men.

6. Got Bars freestyle: “Hear a story 'bout me, then they spin it like a DJ, playing telephone with that ‘He say’ and that ‘She say,’ why in the h**l are they f**king with the Huxtables? N**gas turn 99, now they wanna say somethin'?”

During a visit to Hoodrich Radio, the Texas talent showed and proved for DJ Scream’s “Got Bars” series. Over the instrumental for Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s “Get Money,” Megan appeared to address rumors about her relationship with an unnamed individual.

7. Houston vs. Dallas cypher: “From head to toe, I'm a bad motherf**ker, I'm 'bout that, so watch what you sayin' motherf**ker, if he wanna talk, do it dirty undercover, I dress up like a cop but he know I'd never cuff him...”

Before the fame and fortune, the star took part in Zions View’s Houston vs. Dallas cypher alongside other artists like Rashad Green, Trill Taj, and more. This is one of the raunchier verses from Thee Stallion, complete with rewind-worthy lines about what she likes in the bedroom.

8. L.A. Leakers freestyle (Part 2): “Who y'all h**s be talkin' to? Ignore y'all how y'all father do, until one of y'all h**s say my name, no, I can't acknowledge you, b**ch, you on your first Rollie, ain't s**t 'bout your wrist flooded, talk to me when you really make it and get done with all of that d**k suckin'...”

Somebody pissed Megan off before this freestyle, which saw her make a return to “L.A. Leakers.” For the second time around, she upped the ante with a much longer verse about her haters and not being afraid of any smoke. Sourmilk, Credible, and – likely – anyone within earshot were more than pleased with the performance.

9. Houston cypher: “You could neva' take a L off a real b**ch, I'm hotter than them h**s that you chill wit', up against me, b**ches never win, if he ever hit Thee Stallion, he'll be back again, aah!”

Zions View hosted OG Shyne, Screwhead Savage, and – of course – Thee Stallion herself for an H-Town-themed cypher. Meg held it down as the second one to perform. Even then, the creator of the chart-topping “HISS” stood out amongst her peers.

10. XXL Freshman cypher: “They done f**ked up and let Houston, Texas get up in here, they sayin' I'm a freshman, but I spit like I’ve been here, I had to wipe a couple of b**ches out to make it clear...”

In an XXL Freshman class that boasted the likes of Tierra Whack, Gunna, and Roddy Ricch, Megan was the clear frontrunner, which she made clear in her freestyle for the publication’s highly coveted series. She then solidified her position when she joined DaBaby, YK Osiris, and Lil Mosey for a DJ Scheme-hosted cypher.

11. Studio freestyle: “Got new family members poppin’ up, like, ‘What’s up?’ with their hands out, but it’s funny ‘cause when my mama died, they ain’t even help me put her in the ground...”

Megan got really serious for this one. Filmed during an apparent studio session, she delivered raps about life after finding fame and losing her mother. Given where this was performed, the production in the background, and its abrupt ending, it’s hopeful that this is an official single that will appear on streaming platforms.

12. Killin’ S**t freestyle: “H**s sick, Penicillin, all you b**ches calm down, ain't no hook, I'm just ventin' b**ch...”

Even teenage Megan wasn’t someone to play around with. In a black-and-white clip, she delivered raps from a bedroom over Tela’s classic “Sho ’Nuff” beat. Her stardom was destined from early on.

13. Bless The Booth freestyle: “You n**gas is blockin' your blessings, if you so worried 'bout me, get invested, b**ch, I'm a business, you wanna get in it?”

DJBooth teamed up with TIDAL for a “Bless The Booth” series with YNW Melly, Asian Doll, Tee Grizzley, Sada Baby, Westside Boogie, and many more as guests. Above, the self-proclaimed Stallion shut down the studio with a crazy freestyle of her own.