Steve Harvey, the illustrious King of Comedy, renowned author and masterful game show host, possesses multifaceted talent that extends beyond the realm of entertainment. While he dazzles audiences with his wit and charm on programs like “Family Feud,” it's his uplifting words of encouragement that truly set him apart.

Among the cheerful atmosphere of the game show set, Harvey's motivational pep talks have emerged as a highlight, striking a chord with viewers far beyond the confines of the television screen. His journey from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success served as a beacon of hope for many, and he graciously shared the wisdom garnered along his path to stardom.

With each anecdote and piece of advice, Harvey aimed not only to entertain but also inspire. He implored his audience to transform their trials into triumphs, their setbacks into steppingstones toward greatness. To encapsulate the essence of his profound wisdom, here are 13 of Steve Harvey's best quotes.

1. “Can’t nobody take nothing from you once God gives it to you.”

Despite the glitz and glamor of show business, long-term success is often elusive. Harvey's reflection after a sold-out performance was particularly moving. His heartfelt testimony was a source of inspiration, reminding us that once divine blessings are received, they become indestructible. His words echoed the conviction that with God's blessing, no force on Earth can prevent us from realizing our dreams.

2. “A woman’s love — it stands the test of time, logic and all circumstance.”

In this quote, he perfectly captured the resilience of a woman's love. Despite the constraints of time, logic and circumstance, it remains steadfast and unwavering, demonstrating its profound depth and complexity. Harvey's words acknowledged the indomitable power of love, particularly that which comes from a woman's heart and transcends barriers.

3. “Men are simple.”

Harvey's bold declaration in the first line of his book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" cut through the clutter of relationship advice, claiming that men are fundamentally uncomplicated. While initially met with skepticism, Harvey's subsequent insights throughout supported this claim. Individuals navigating the dating world can foster better understanding and, ultimately, more fulfilling relationships if they embrace this perspective, according to Harvey.

4. “Behind every moment of adversity in your life, there is a blessing and a lesson.”

During this moment of motivation on the set of “Family Feud,” he encapsulated a mindset of resilience and determination. It underscored the importance of facing challenges head-on, viewing them not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth and progress. Harvey's words served as an invitation to harness the power of adversity and turn setbacks into opportunities for success.

5. “Find a dream so big that it overwhelms all of your fears and causes you to never give up.”

Here, Harvey acknowledged the concept of fear as a natural response to stepping outside of one's comfort zone, signaling the potential for significant personal and professional growth. His quote suggested that by acknowledging and understanding fear, individuals can harness its energy to propel themselves forward, even if it means risking the stability of their current circumstances. Ultimately, the narrative encouraged a mindset shift toward viewing fear as a catalyst for positive change rather than a barrier to success.

6. “When you do what you were born to do, there is nothing else that you could have done.”

Harvey's fundamental declaration debunked the common belief that success is synonymous with fame and wealth. Harvey encouraged people to redefine their definitions of fulfillment by emphasizing the importance of aligning with their natural skills and purpose.

He stressed recognizing and capitalizing on the seemingly simple abilities handed down to us, advocating for their application in service to others and devotion to God. Harvey's uplifting message highlighted the value of our unique gifts, reaffirming that no purpose assigned by God is insignificant and that being content in fulfilling our divine calling brings ultimate satisfaction.

7. “If you want to grow, you have to change.”

Harvey's wisdom captured the fact that growth requires change. While pushing beyond familiar boundaries may be uncomfortable, the comedian stressed embracing it. His insight shined as a light, illuminating the path to elevation in all aspects of life. Harvey's message was a call to action that motivated people to summon the courage to step outside of their comfort zones and embark on a journey of change for greater fulfillment.

8. “God loves you right where you are. You're in a process right now, a process of becoming what God wants you to be. The secret to all of this: You have to start expecting great things to happen.”

This message's central theme was God's unconditional love and acceptance, emphasizing that He meets people where they are, even in the midst of sin and imperfections. This motivational statement spoke to the ongoing journey of personal growth and alignment with divine will, as well as the importance of having a positive outlook for God and his plans for your future.

9. “Ain't nothing bigger than your FAITH AND YOUR DREAMS!!!!”

Here, Harvey emphasized the tremendous power of faith and dreams by portraying them as the most important forces in one's life. The quote highlighted the belief that nothing can match the strength and significance of these two elements. He also encouraged people to hold onto them relentlessly.

10. “You are in control of how you set the tone of your day. You get to decide every day if your thoughts are going to be negative or positive."

This assertion showed the importance of personal choice in determining one's outlook and experiences. It touched on the value of mindfulness and intention and showed that people can cultivate a positive mindset regardless of their circumstances. Finally, it inspired people to gain control of their thoughts and emotions, which can lead to a more fulfilling and productive day.

11. “Don’t hate the player. Change the game.”

The quote "Don’t hate the player. Change the game" originated from Harvey's book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man," where he advised women to refrain from resenting men's behavior and instead focus on altering the dynamics in which men are permitted to operate. It advocated for a proactive approach to relationships, empowering women to take charge of their situations rather than simply reacting to them. Harvey's words called for a shift in mindset and encouraged people to become change agents rather than passive observers of societal norms.

12. “You have to live your life in expectation of wonderful things happening. God is a merciful God.”

Harvey's straightforward but profound statement emphasized the importance of living in anticipation of the good things in life. Regardless of our doubts and insecurities, Harvey reminded us of God's limitless mercy and desire for our ultimate fulfillment. His words were a powerful affirmation that we deserve great things regardless of our perceived flaws.

13. “You can be rich if you make the decision to be rich.”

This quote went beyond mere financial advice, urging people to change their perception of wealth from a physical possession to a mindset. By stressing the importance of discovering and utilizing one's God-given talents, the icon shifted the focus to the intrinsic value of personal gifts. His message resonated as a call to action and encouraged people to realize their full potential to forge their own paths to prosperity.