The slam dunk is still one of the most incredible plays in all of sports. Its appeal sustains because of the sheer athleticism and coordination necessary to pull it off. While we’ve seen amazing dunkers come and go, a select few will be included on the definitive list of greats forever. This collection includes the top dunkers in the history of the NBA.

From GOAT Michael Jordan to veteran Dr. J and the incomparable Kobe Bryant, these names are indisputable when it comes to their slam dunk ability, power and style. They’ve perfected the move and crushed their opponents with ease. Check them out below!

1. Dominique Wilkins

It’s quite possible that Dominique Wilkins was the best dunker of the ’80s. From his show-stopping in-game dunks to his duels with Jordan in the dunk contest, he shined. You can’t chronicle the best in the game without paying homage to someone who helped modernize the flashy in-game dunk.

2. Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson is one of the unsung dunkers of his time. Two dunk contest championships to his name were enough to know he was legit. From the NBA to the BIG3, Richardson has been on the right side of posters for the better part of 20 years. Now is as good a time as any to revisit the greatness of his dunks. If you’ve been interested in and following the NBA, then you know that he is certified as one of the best of all time.

3. Julius “Dr. J” Erving

When folks talk about the trendsetter who inspired a generation of legends, they’re referring to Julius “Dr. J” Erving. For any dunkers of the mid-’80s and early ’90s, their favorite player was Dr. J. He first showed his rim-rattling prowess in the ABA. Then, when the league merged with the NBA in 1976, Erving showcased his talents on a grander scale. After winning a championship with the Philadelphia 76ers, he was forever immortalized as a victor and for having some of the best “hang-time” in NBA history.

4. Nate Robinson

At 5 feet, 9 inches, you wouldn’t expect Nate Robinson to be able to dunk among the trees of the NBA, but that’s exactly what he used to do. Becoming the league’s first three-time slam dunk champion in 2010, Robinson routinely pulled off the move during games, too. Whether on the break or a putback after a miss, it didn’t matter; Robinson got to the bucket. As a shorter player, your dunks seem more impressive. However, what really made Robinson different from some of his peers was that he dunked with authority more regularly. We have to give him his flowers.

5. Tracy McGrady

There was at least a two-year stretch during which Tracy McGrady might’ve been the best shooting guard in the NBA. His game was complete, but one aspect that was polished from the beginning was his dunking ability. Though he never won a dunk contest, he participated and made some unforgettable moves in the process. He’s the first player to memorably and routinely alley-oop to himself during All-Star games. As McGrady is related to another all-time great dunker on this list -- Vince Carter -- his talents came as no surprise.

6. DeAndre Jordan

There are only a handful of dunkers in NBA history more forceful than DeAndre Jordan. Making his name on the Clippers as part of “Lob City,” he shared the dunking spotlight with Blake Griffin. For the better part of 10 years, DeAndre was on dunk highlights almost every night. Book-ending the twilight of his career with an NBA championship alongside the Denver Nuggets, DeAndre will always be known as that dude on the other end of a lob.

7. Steve Francis

The Steve Francis era was a moment, especially when he was a Houston Rocket. His dunking ability was impressive because of his size and because he wasn’t actually able to palm the basketball fully. Dunking is more impressive when you can maintain control of the ball despite having smaller hands, which Francis perfected. His talent and popularity landed him the cover of 2002’s NBA Live video game. It’s impossible to tell the story of great dunkers without mentioning the excitement that Francis brought.

8. Shawn Kemp

Perhaps no athlete truly embodied Hip Hop energy through their dunks and taunts like Shawn Kemp. You had to have a death wish to get in the way of one of his jams. As a member of the Seattle SuperSonics, Kemp was throwing down lobs from Hall of Famer Gary Payton with regularity. And it was their tandem that gave Michael’s Chicago Bulls a hard time in the NBA Finals for once. Most famously, Kemp’s dunk over Alton Lister was the calling card for his dunk montage. Kemp punctuated the moment by hilariously pointing at his opponent, who’d fallen to the floor.

9. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant fit the bill of your complete basketball player. He was ultimately proficient at every aspect of the game. Though he got clowned in his early days for being a “chuck,” he averaged more career assists than his running mate point guard, Derek Fisher. Bryant was known for some legendary dunks as well and won a contest with his revered moves. The late legend jumped out of the gym in his rookie season and did so until the end of his 20-year career with the Lakers.

10. Dwight Howard

One of the most creative big-man dunkers of all time, Dwight Howard’s career is decorated with Defensive Player of the Year Awards, dunk titles and an NBA championship. But most of the time, he rightfully played above the rim and had many defenders on the wrong side of a highlight clip. In the world of big-man dunking, Howard walked so that DeAndre could fly. You’d be hard pressed to find many who were better at dunking off the pick than Howard.

11. Michael Jordan

Synonymous with the slam dunk, we have, of course, the Jumpman. Michael was the premier dunker of the late ’80s into the mid-’90s, and his branding is still centered on the flashy move. From Jordan sneaker commercials to his legendary showdowns against Wilkins, every achievement is related to the icon’s classic dunk.

12. Blake Griffin

The Los Angeles Clippers’ best era of basketball wouldn’t have existed without Griffin. Alongside DeAndre -- and with Chris Paul at the helm, running point -- their fast break was lethal. Griffin punctuated those passes with a finish at the rim. The height that the Oklahoma native reached on dunks was astonishing for his size. His legacy is cemented as one of the best finishers the sport has ever seen.

13. Vince Carter

You can't have a “best dunkers” list of any kind without mentioning Vince Carter. He revolutionized the dunk contest with his creativity and showmanship. Carter has also unequivocally defined owning the moment of an in-game dunk. His finishes over the NBA’s greatest defenders were unparalleled. In a 22-year NBA career, it was an aspect of his game that was always present. To the diehard fan, Carter may be the player most synonymous with the slam dunk.