The COVID-19 quarantine produced dozens of social media challenges, but these bold — and sometimes dangerous, stunts first captivated the internet during the early days of YouTube and Twitter. The most memorable ones didn't take long to reach popularity, amassing millions of participants and views. While some people tried the cinnamon challenge to see if it really warranted such sensational reactions, others sought social media fame by attempting these hot trends, as doing so almost always had the potential to go viral.

Various social media challenges have become prominent over the last decade on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Vine. From planking to fiery chips to buckets of ice water, see the ones that stuck with us below.

1. Don’t Rush Challenge

The “Don't Rush” challenge distracted from the boredom and isolation of quarantine. Creators filmed themselves dressed down in their natural states, then covered the camera with a brush, revealing their finest looks before passing the styling tool along virtually. Several celebrities did their versions of the challenge, such as Tia Mowry, Storm Reid, Marsai Martin, and Skai Jackson.

2. Mannequin Challenge

When Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane dropped “Black Beatles,” the “mannequin challenge” probably wasn't how they thought listeners would catch the beat. It required freezing in place in a large setting, like a high school hallway or the set of “The Late Late Show with James Corden.” No matter how long it took the camera to pan to everyone, any movement would have ruined the entire video. So, this challenge was a true test of patience.

3. Cinnamon Challenge

One of the earliest social media challenges, this one is self-explanatory: eat a spoonful of cinnamon and try to keep it down. Many were up for the challenge, but very few succeeded.

4. Plank Challenge

If you're imagining the plank exercise, you're not wrong. In the context of challenges, however, the plank transformed into a verb. Planking became a widespread craze, taking flat surfaces by storm, and seeing participants lying face-down in unusual places. The trend caused several injuries and even resulted in death.

5. Savage Challenge

A TikTok influencer’s dance choreography to Megan Thee Stallion's single “Savage” created this viral social media challenge, which won a Shorty Award. Along with the Hip Hop artist herself, other celebrities posted videos of their renditions of the dance, including Hailey and Justin Bieber. “Savage” also became a major record-breaker on TikTok, being the most-played song on the platform in March 2020 and becoming the seventh most-used sound on the platform of all time. Plus, the song later had a remix featuring Queen Bey herself that earned them a Grammy win for Best Rap Song.

6. Ice Bucket Challenge

Everyone remembers the ALS “ice bucket challenge!” Started by three men living with ALS, a rare and fatal disease, it aimed to raise awareness and funds. The challenge encouraged people to pour a bucket of ice water over themselves, share the video on social media, and donate to the cause. The viral movement led to celebrities challenging each other, raising $115 million in donations for ALS research.

7. Running Man Challenge

The “running man challenge” took the popular 80s dance and paired it with the 1996 Ghost Town DJs song “My Boo.” Some creators brought comedic relief to the social media phenomenon, breaking into dance moves in different scenarios.

8. Renegade Challenge

The “renegade challenge” stirred much buzz and controversy. Georgia teen Jailaiah Harmon created the 15-second dance to K-Camp's “Lottery,” but it was long before she received proper credit for the choreography. TikToker Charlie D'Amelio popularized the routine, though she was mistakenly credited with its origin, sparking discussions about the visibility of Black creators on the app. Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Lizzo replicated the dance, and former First Lady Michelle Obama praised Harmon in a viral tweet.

9. One Chip Challenge

The “one chip challenge” didn't start on social media. Paqui created the challenge to market their super spicy Carolina Reaper chip made with two of the world’s hottest peppers, daring consumers to eat one without drinking anything to subdue the heat. The challenge gained popularity with celebrities and content creators but received criticism for its side effects. Paqui eventually pulled the chip from the shelves in 2023 after a 14-year-old boy died two days after trying it.

10. Trick Shot Challenge

The “trick shot challenge” exemplified dexterity. Creators set up difficult hole-in-one shots and timed themselves as they finally achieved the goal. Those who mastered the art of trick-shotting took the challenge to new levels, building obstacle courses, mazes, and other hard-to-reach targets that showcased their precision.

11. Milk Crate Challenge

The “milk crate challenge, or simply the “crate challenge,” is definitely one of the more dangerous challenges of the last few years. It involved stacking crates into a tall pyramid and quickly attempting to cross from one side to the other. Since the crates were so unstable, this challenge was nearly impossible to finish without at least falling once, and those landings were not smooth, causing serious injuries.