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Yung Bleu says he was racially profiled by Georgia police

The singer says he was racially profiled while trying to buy a trailer for his upcoming tour.

Yung Bleu Getty Images

Yung Bleu has accused the Gainesville, Georgia police and a store owner of racially profiling him and his crew after he tried to purchase a trailer for his upcoming tour. On Monday (Aug. 23), the “You’re Mines Still” singer took to Instagram to share a video of the incident and detail what happened.

“THESE GAINESVILLE, GA POLICE OFFICERS are racially profiling us!” he captioned the video. “They approached me and my team for absolutely nothing trying to buy a trailer for my tour at (Absolute Trailers) the owner was an old white guy who called the police talking about they suspect fraud! I was just trying to buy a trailer! The first officers walk up with hands on guns damn near drawn on us saying, ‘What y’all doing here?’”

Yung Bleu then went on to say that the officers were waiting for him on the highway and quickly pulled him over for “obstructed” tags.

“We have a brief back n forth and then as I leave, the cop is sitting in the middle of the highway waiting on us,” he added. “They trap and get behind me! Say my tag is obstructed, but she clearly had her lights on way before she saw the back of my car! 5 cars have pulled up on us since then! Saying we do fraud and all type of lies! I HAVE MORE VIDEO, BUT I will use only as evidence. We did nothing wrong!”

Fans quickly came to Yung Bleu’s defense in his comment section. “Don’t give them your business and protect yourself king. Keep your phone rolling!!!” wrote one fan.

“Wow, like a young Black man can’t do good in life …That’s crazy. God Bless & be careful out there!” wrote another fan.

“I live there!” commented a third fan. “And they are the most racist ones by far!!!!”

Check out Yung Bleu’s video below.

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