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Kid Ink comes ‘ALIVE’ on his latest album

Why are you still sleeping on Kid Ink???

Kid Ink Cover Art

With everything and everybody moving the way it’s going right now, it’s pretty tough not to use music as medicine. We all have albums, songs, videos and vibes that we resort to in our times of need for sure. Kid Ink is one of those dope overlooked artists that if you ever listened his music whether it’s on purpose on accident, you’ll never forget his sound. Back in the early 2010’s, the Los Angeles rapper was one of the few artists to have the mixtape game in a chokehold along with one of the most prominent mixtape DJs, DJ iLL WiLL. Fast forward to 2021, Kid Ink has defeated all the odds by coming ALIVE on his latest album.

One thing about Kid Ink, not only is he a hard working individual, he’s a dedicated man in the grand scheme of things. His work ethic is one of the lowest of keys, yet one of the best attributes about him but another thing about him, he’ll always prevail regardless of what’s going on around him. A rapper like Kid Ink shall and always will remain one one of the mixtape kings.

One of his standout cuts from the project, “Red Light,” As the early stages of the beat build, Kid Ink warms up with a melodic flow and a rapper’s charisma, making sure to bring some substance to his bars while reflecting on his journey. “I been getting mine, read the story untold,” he spits. “Can’t be mad what you can’t control / niggas gon’ switch shit up with this quickness, this here risky business / don’t get twisted, that bitch vicious.” As the track progresses, Ink introduces a few new flows, catching a particularly bouncy pocket as the second verse hits. And with the rapper’s upcoming Alive album on the way, it’s safe to say that “Red Light” is only scratching the surface.

Yes, he hasn’t really been active on the scene as of late, but he forever takes this shit to heart and wants you all to vibe with him. Check out Ink’s latest effort below!

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