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Druski tests Yung Miami’s southern hospitality during a lesson in sustainability

Comedian Druski is back with more shenanigans on another epsiode of “Sneakin’ in With Druski” with City Girls’ own Yung Miami.

Comedian Druski is back with more shenanigans on another episode of “Sneakin’ in With Druski.” Keeping hip hop informed and saving the planet, Dru goes on another adventure through one of your favorite celebrities’ homes and causes a ruckus.

This time around, he hit Miami to clean City Girl’s Yung Miami’s pool — free of charge. In true Dru fashion, he pulls up in his recycled Stan Smith sneakers and begins to splash around the pool looking for fish. After wearing himself out doing almost nothing, he spots a table with refreshments and reusable straws, perfectly set and ready for him to indulge. With no complaints, as reusable straws save oceanic wildlife from the threat of plastic straws, our host pours up a full glass of vodka and chugs the glass until he falls asleep.

While in his slumber, Dru hears a voice — it’s Yung Miami’s easing him into a smooth and sexy dreamlike fantasy, which ends in him falling in her pool. Graciously, Miami tells Dru to dry off and take him into the house where he notices her groceries in plastic bags, letting her know that is why he’s here. Plastic bags are one of the most used items in the world. Switching to reusable bags can save up to 100,000 marine animals a year. Once upstairs, he takes full advantage of the luxury home and hops in the shower, gets in the rapper’s robe and roams around finding sustainable toothbrushes that “smell like a City Girl,” and can be recycled unlike plastic toothbrushes.

Meanwhile, our City Girl unloads groceries thinking she’s showing southern hospitality to her unwelcomed and outlandish house guest, only to find him on his last strike. Back upstairs, Dru walks around until he gets into her workout area and hops on the treadmill while still in her robe. Hitting speeds he knows he can’t run, Dru finally gets a good stride in until he’s met by Yung Miami’s voice kicking him out the house. On his way out, the funny man finds the last item on our “not sustainable” list: A plastic water bottle, which he takes regardless of its harmful threats to the planet.

As he walks down the steps of Miami’s three-story home, the two go back and forth as Dru jokingly but hilariously continues, “I don’t even know what you’re saying.” She claps back, “Who you think you is, Sisqo?”

After a quick word from Yung Miami, Stan Smith comes through with a message on plastic bottles and bags. Nearly 2 million bags are used every minute while a million plastic bottles are bought around the world. Together, adidas Originals and Diddy are working to change that within the hip hop community because, as we know, the world is influenced by our culture.

Stay tuned each week as adidas Originals and Druski continue to advocate for a sustainable lifestyle with new episodes of “Sneakin’ In With Druski” only on REVOLT. And watch the latest show with the City Girls star above!

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