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5 key highlights from Quando Rondo’s “Wow Dats Crzy” episode

For this week’s episode of REVOLT’s “Wow Dats Crazy,” host ItsBizkit chopped it up with bubbling rapper Quando Rondo about his latest single “Sticc To The Code” and more.

“Wow Dats Crzy” is a new digital interview series that’s hosted by media personality ItsBizkit, where he chops it up with some of the hottest stars in hip hop today.

For this week’s episode of REVOLT’s “Wow Dats Crazy,” host ItsBizkit chopped it up with bubbling rapper Quando Rondo about his latest single “Sticc To The Code” and how the rising star has been spending his time social distancing.

Signed to YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s Atlantic Records label imprint, Quando has been making major waves as of late and has plans on releasing a new project very soon, tentatively titled Diary of a Crip & Kid, he revealed during the interview.

Since the pandemic hit, he’s also been spending more time than ever in his studio, where he’s getting inspired to create his next string of releases. Speaking with ItsBizkit, the rapper opens up about his music and more.

Below are five things we learned from this week’s episode with the young talent. Check them out.

1. He’s Been Recording Music and Streaming On Twitch While Social Distancing

As the world continues to be on lockdown due to COVID-19, many are finding unique ways to spend their time until the pandemic gets under control. For Quando, the 21-year-old says he’s been spending time playing video games like NBA 2K and streaming on popular gaming platform Twitch, where the burgeoning hip hop star can be found going toe-to-toe with fellow rap constituents such as Lil Gotit and fans alike. Naturally, the QPac rapper also happens to have a studio in his house and says he has been recording tons of music.

2. He First Stepped Into The Booth At Age 11

Quando has been rapping since he could remember, but the first time he ever stepped into a booth and got on the mic was at the age of 11. He believes this rap game is what he was built for. “I always had it on my mind, I ain’t ‘bout to sell no drugs,” he told ItsBizkit. “I ain’t about to be really working no job, I ain’t trying to cut no hair or throw no ball or throw no shot on a basketball court. I’m ‘bout to rap.”

3. The Pandemic Inspired New Song “Sticc To The Code”

The rapper’s newly released single “Sticc To The Code” is a melodic street tale that comes from the heart and it was made while in social isolation. This time has allowed him to reflect on his life and therapeutically put it into song form.

“This song is about this past couple of months. From really 2019 to now, there’s been a lot of stuff going on,” he revealed. “I done lost a couple of partners that I really haven’t spoken on…when I go back to my hometown, I ain’t really got nobody.”

With his biological mom in prison and a testy relationship with his father, Quando admits that it’s been a difficult time for him. Nevertheless, he announced the title of his next album, Diary of a Crip & Kid, with hopes of sharing more of his story.

4. Why It’s Hard For Him To Kick It In Savannah, Georgia

Though he’s from Savannah, Georgia, and loves his hometown to death; lately it’s been hard to hang out there because he always finds himself in trouble.

“When I go to my hometown, I really can’t even kick it because of the police,” he said. “I went down there and got into an incident, and went to jail.” As a result of him being locked up, he had to cancel the remainder of his tour, which resulted in him losing out on a lot of money. For now, the promising star stays low and out the way.

5. He Credits YoungBoy NeverBroke Again With Helping Him To Build His Fanbase

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been down with Quando since the beginning and that’s who he credits for helping him to build out his own loyal fanbase.

With his over 2.6 million Instagram followers and millions of YouTube views, the “ABG” rapper is just getting started and is hungry for more. “It was really just a grind,” he revealed in his interview. “With the help of my label, with the help of NBA [Youngboy], with the help of everyone in my corner, I feel like I got the fans… I feel like I got to keep grinding to get them amazed and really have them in a headlock.”

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