Baskets for shot shooting on aisle two | ‘Blocked’

S1 E1  |  Wildin' Mart

S1 E1 | Wildin' Mart

  /  03.20.2020

Funny singles joke their way to a date, while in Wildin’ Mart, on “Blocked.” See here.

Comedic singles kick their game in church | ‘Blocked’

Singles flirt in church to win a date. Watch here.

Funny singles shoot their shot at a Trump rally | ‘Blocked’

Watch these singles shoot their shot at — of all places — a Trump rally. 

Singles try to build relationships on a construction site | ‘Blocked’

“Blocked” contestants flirt to win a date with a special someone. Watch here.

Fixing your love life at a mechanic shop | ‘Blocked’

Who knew you could find your next bae in a mechanic shop? “Blocked” contestants, those ...