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Remy Ma and Fat Joe joke about funny moment when Meek Mill’s flexing went wrong

REVOLT is back again with another episode of “The Fat Joe Show,” this time with fellow Terror Squad MC and friend Remy Ma. And the jokes were flying!

Introducing Joeprah. That’s Fat Joe’s new nickname thanks to his brand new REVOLT series “The Fat Joe Show.” On the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with some of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Get into it.

REVOLT is back again with another hour of “The Fat Joe Show.” This week’s episode, however, felt rather familial as Fat Joe sat down with his longtime friend and Terror Squad member, New York rapper and TV star Remy Ma.

Though his job was to interview her, the two have stuck it out for decades and this episode proved how deep their relationship gets, as well as how comfortable they are when it comes to sharing secrets. Their relationship played out effortlessly on the screen and the stories and the laughs were big. This was the real deal, but the conversation got even more real when they brought up the music industry and clout chasers.

The topic came up with Remy letting people in on one of Joe’s tactics of success: preparation. As she admired him for his organization and attention to detail in all regards, and how it relates to journalism, they both agreed this avenue gave him the ability to truly show his personality. However, the femcee brought to light how in today’s society, it’s really about who is talking the biggest game whether it’s true or not.

“It’s the bragging thing,” she stated. “It’s just not cool to me, but that’s the wave right now.” She continued to detail material objects people use to validate themselves within the industry and how social media fuels the fire because it’s then deemed unbelievable if no one saw it. Joe comes back with a story or two regarding a hip hop OG and a current artist. However, what he learned from the OG was “I do not give a fuck how long or to the death, these people are gon see me shittin’.”

Joe then tells how he got a call from Hitmaka and Meek Mill, both of whom showed up ready to flex. “Meek Mill was on his rare ‘talk shit’ day... feeling himself was an understatement.” Detailing Meek’s designer fit and overall fly guy aesthetic, Joe recalls how the rapper began showing off the fit and sharing the prices for everything he had on. He continues, “I felt like this was my moment of the old school rapper... I feel like God gives you karma. What goes around comes around.”

“I said, ‘Yo Meek, that shit fly as hell. But, you see this?’” he says as he throws his wrist toward the camera, “This $1.4 million in 2020 ... you ever see this before Meek?” Both Remy and Joe laugh as he relates back to his encounter, “That moment with me and ‘living legend’ prepared me for that moment.”

As they push forward with the conversation, they begin to talk about family, the differences in each generation, and support systems. Joe then asks Remy what kind of conversations she had with herself during her six-year bid at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women. “I had different phases,” Remy began, breaking down her initial feelings of anger compared to the thoughts she had in her final years before release. “Year four, year five, I’m starting to really see how me being there is influencing other people’s lives… it really made me like, ‘Alright cool, think this is why I was supposed to be here.’

“Then I started looking at my relationship with I have with my husband. The relationship that we was able to build and the way we was able to communicate, I would’ve probably never had that had I of been out here because we wouldn’t have been forced to communicate the way had to communicate,” she said. Remy tells that she was able to see a positive in each situation, pulling her into a space where it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. “When it was getting closer for me to come home and I finally started seeing the little light at the end of the tunnel, it was like, ‘Alright cool. This was crazy, but it didn’t break me, it didn’t kill me. I’m still me.’”

The two continued to laugh back and forth over memories only they would understand. As they engaged with the audience via the comment section, Remy challenges a viewer who says she can’t rap, “Wanna put some money on that?”

Watch this week’s episode in its entirety to catch all the moments between Fat Joe and Remy Ma as they talk about the rap game, parenting, and more only on REVOLT.

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