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Danny Green recalls his reaction to Snoop Dogg’s IG post after he missed the Finals’ winning shot

With the NBA season coming to a close after the Los Angeles Lakers took home the 2020 championship, Fat Joe decided to talk sports on this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” with Danny Green and Shaq.

Introducing Joeprah. That’s Fat Joe’s new nickname thanks to his brand new REVOLT series “The Fat Joe Show.” On the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with some of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Get into it.

With the NBA season coming to a close after the Los Angeles Lakers took home the 2020 championship, Fat Joe decided to talk sports on this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show.”

With special guests Shaquille O’Neal and Danny Green, Joe discussed the recent NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant and, of course, the bubble. Despite the circumstances of the second half of the NBA season being conducted in a way no one has ever seen, fans showed no remorse as their teams went head to head for the championship trophy. In addition to essentially being on lockdown while performing night after night, Green got real about the social media comments he saw about the games.

On the road to the win, the teams restructured the NBA to fit into “the bubble” to ensure the safety of all players during the pandemic. Players were forced into hotels away from their families to play in empty arenas night after night. “It’s tough. Emotionally and mentally more so than physically. But, playing every day, guys’ bodies were breaking down. But, mentally and emotionally being in that atmosphere, you see guys going crazy. Some guys couldn’t deal with it.”

The other thing to stay strong against was social media reactions to the athletes’ every move. “At one point, we were the only sport playing. Everything we did was on social media, fans were commenting. You can’t get away from social media. Explaining that because families weren’t allowed for the first two months, everything was blasted onto the internet and it was hard not to see what was said,” he continued. Nonetheless, Green prevailed. He added, “During that time, I just had to block out the noise” — even from one of Lakers most notable fans: Snoop Dogg.

“I’m not into controversy, but I gotta bring this up,” Joe forewarned. “It kinda hurt my feelings and this is my favorite guy in the universe, Snoop Dogg. He took shots at you that night,” he continued, referring to Snoop’s Instagram post where he blatantly dissed Green after missing the game winning shot during Game 5 of the finals.

“It’s one of those things that during that time, I don’t take things personally,” Green responded. “I know some people, even comedians, they have their memes, they have their little funny stuff on their pages. I know they have to stay relevant, make people laugh. So, I don’t take things personally.”

He added, “Snoop had posted a couple times, but I know that every time he posts, people are going to draw attention to it. Everybody is going to stay in the negative.”

Lightening the mood, Joe jokes about whether he’d have to have a man-to-man with Snoop about his comments, “I only seen it one time and I was like damn Snoop too early.” With a laugh, Green reassured that Snoop was seemingly good in his book. “You don’t have to talk to him man,” he stated. “He’s a passionate fan just like most and when we don’t play well, he lets us know. When certain people don’t play well, he let’s it be known.”

Regardless of what was said, Green made up for the situation at hand and as we all know, the Lakers still took home the W. Joe noted that the Clippers losing was a shock to the league, but Green confirmed he knew they’d be taking home the trophy regardless this year. “Honestly, them winning or losing didn’t change our mindset. The world wanted it to be Clippers v. Lakers. What was supposed to be was what happened,” he said.

Green added that for the Lakers, it was bigger than just a championship. This win was also a moment for the players and fans to honor the late great Kobe Bryant. Wanting to know the mentality of the team, Joe brings up the notion of “doing it for Kobe” due to his untimely and unexpected death. Green responded, “We didn’t want to put too much pressure on ourselves but it felt that way.”

Watch the full episode to hear Shaq’s stories, as he and Fat Joe discuss their aging bodies, the bubble, and two of his most controversial relationships: his friendships with Bryant and Charles Barkley.

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