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Juelz Santana explains the real reason a gun was in his bag before his 2018 arrest

Another Friday, another episode of the “Fat Joe Show.” This time with a guest feature from Juelz Santana.

Introducing Joeprah. That’s Fat Joe’s new nickname thanks to his brand new REVOLT series “The Fat Joe Show.” On the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with some of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Get into it.

Another Friday, another episode of “The Fat Joe Show.” This time with a guest feature from Juelz Santana. Just two months ago, Santana was released from prison after being caught in the airport with a firearm in his carry-on baggage. Now, he’s back in action.

This episode started with a bang as the never-been-told story of his arrest in 2018 was laid out for viewers. Joe starts it off by asking how exactly this happened, “You forgot you had the hammer in the bag?” Santana smiled, “Pretty much,” he said. “Of course that’s what happened … I was seeing a lot of when it first happened like, “Juelz is stupid. Why would he bring a gun to the airport?” My thought is like... y’all more stupider than me for thinking that I would literally try to bring a gun to the airport. At least have enough sense to say something went wrong,” he continued.

The guys then get to the bottom of what happened. “I had a video shoot with this man (Sen City), [he] was working with...Young Melo, so you know... Sen City and Melo is my man, but you know how video shoots get you charged,” Santana said as he alluded to the troubles that can arise when entourages are mixed among other elements. He goes on to tell how the shoot was in Queens and though he has people to mob with him, on this occasion, he chose to go with minimal support, “I was going late, it was last minute,” he admitted.

“So, I said I’m gon’ go to this video shoot. I take the little joint with me, you know, always just for safety.” Santana then said he encountered a reseller, in which he bought a few items, one of which he wore during the video before arriving. “I head up to the joint, get there. I’m chilling, joint in my pocket or whatever the case may be. I’m about to shoot the video, I see everything is copacetic. It ain’t really nothing for me to worry about. Ain’t no extra, extra people there that I’m like, I’m feeling uncomfortable. So, as I’m changing my clothes, I throw the joint in the brand new supreme bag that I just got from dude,” he continued. He added that he’d been on set for nearly 12 hours, and unfortunately didn’t remember the gun. “I done rode back to the crib and everything.”

Having booked two shows in Los Angeles just a day later, Santana misses his original flight and in the time it takes to rebook and continue his journey, he forgot the gun is still in his possession. “I done totally forgot about the night before — everything. I grabbed the Supreme back that I didn’t remember I even threw the situation in the bag.” After packing, he headed to Newark Liberty International Airport. “I’m going there freely without a care in the world. I’m just tryna get on my flight.”

At security, the bag passed and in what Santana claimed was a normal occurrence, security further checked his bag for liquids because he admitted to always keep a soda on him. Security was then alerted to run the bag again, as he recalled the bag sitting while the crew studied what was inside. As more and more TSA agents swarm over, he feared missing his flight and asked a familiar face to just open the bag. After she told him it was up to higher authority to check the bag at this point, he feared his pending warrant would cause him to be put in jail for the weekend — still not remembering the gun is the reason for the chaos.

“I asked the dude, ‘How you get out of here?’” he said. “I walked out the airport, I literally walked out the airport,” and said he intended on sending his brother back for his bag that had nearly $12,000 and his phone. After flagging down a cab, HOT 97 breaks the news that he fled the airport after the firearm was retrieved from the bag. “Now I’m in denial because I don’t want to believe that, that was in my bag.”

To hear the rest of the story including his wife Kimbella’s response, the hours leading up to his surrender, his court case, and more, watch the full episode of this week’s episode above.

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