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Nearing the end game: Flipped states, ballot recounts, and lawsuits

Last night’s (Nov. 5) “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” episode “The End Game” addressed the most important election season of our lives, thus far, as well as gave a breakdown of the results we have at the moment.

Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.

Last night’s (Nov. 5) “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” episode “The End Game” addressed the most important election season of our lives, thus far, as well as gave a breakdown of the results we have at the moment. Host and executive producer Eboni K. Williams was joined by Michael Steele, Lindsey Granger, Isaac Hayes III, Danielle Moodie, and more.

“As a supposed end game draws near, remember this,” Williams said to REVOLT viewers about the final days of ballot counts for this election. “It might be over for them, but for us, we are simply upon the brink of something completely new and exciting.”

Granger was up first to moderate a discussion between Steele and Moodie. “He was angry, he was frustrated and he wanted to declare himself the winner — and he did,” Steele said about Trump’s premature victory announcement of the 2020 election. “That’s the last dying gasp of an authoritarian wannabe.”

“We shouldn’t be surprised because everything Donald Trump said that he was going to do, he has done,” Moodie added referring to Trump’s disinterest in democracy and stripping healthcare from people in the midst of a pandemic. Though Senator Mitch McConnell serves as a possible threat to Biden’s presidency upon election, Moodie noted that it would at least be “an American president again and not a dictator” in comparison to Trump.

As Steele predicted 2024 as the year that “Texas will be a battleground state,” thus posing a “problem” for the Republican party, Moodie chimed in with her thoughts about how both political parties did when it came to targeting the African-American vote. “African-Americans and people in urban cities are probably gonna be the ones to take Biden to the finish line if he makes it to the finish line,” Granger said before setting up Moodie to answer her question about the notion that Black people were left largely out of his campaign.

“The reality is Democrats consistently look over people of color. They do not do the type of investment in communities that they need to do until the eleventh hour and that has always been the case and always been the pattern,” Moddie said. In contrast, she called out Trump’s Platinum Plan to which she said rappers, deeming something as platinum and bulletin points “are not a policy plan” as opposed to “a binder with actual paper and words.”

In last night’s “HEADLINES,” Williams touched on topics such as the surge in pro-Trump protests countrywide bombarding ballot counting facilities, ‘The Squad’ retaining their seats in Congress, Michael Jordan and LeBron James paying fees for Florida felons to allow them to vote; and marijuana legalization in various states including Arizona, Mississippi and New Jersey.

“I say she’s the future of Washington and potentially this country, and Washington needs to look at Cori Bush,” Williams said about politician making history in U.S. Congress as the first Black woman to represent Missouri. “This country needs to look at Cori Bush and they need to see how she’s moving because certainly she’s indicative of what’s to come. Congratulations, Cori.”

After Williams announced that 2020 broke the record for the highest voter turnout in American history, the conversation resumed between Granger, Steele, and Moodie. “They want you to count in Nevada and Arizona, but they don’t want you to count in Georgia and Philadelphia,” Steele said about Trump’s lawsuit and his supporters calling for the suspension of ballot tallying. “You have to have a case in controversy. In other words, there has to have been some controversial act. Counting, the last time I checked, is not an illegal act. It is, in fact, a required act from voting.”

“I want every headline to say ‘Black America Saved America From Itself’ because [if] you want to talk about healing, let’s talk about the recognition of who put in the work,” Moodie said in her closing words. “Who was standing in line for 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 hours with their babies, in the rain, with wheelchairs in order to get this done? It is Black America who will have tipped the scale if and when we get to the president elect.”

Hayes was brought back to “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” to discuss his predictions for the race. Though we are four days out from the Nov. 3 official election date, he shared that he feels good and keeps a positive mindset because “most of these states are going to pull out through mail-in vote.” Though Williams agreed that Biden and Harris would “pull this thing off by the skin of their teeth,” she asked Hayes for his opinion regarding Trump moving to stop the ballot counts against Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. “We knew Donald Trump was going to sue because Donald Trump is a crybaby,” he said. Hayes continued to share his thoughts on the power of the Black vote during the 2020 election. “I think most of the people that are voting that are Black are really just over Donald Trump,” he said.

On the power of Black voters, Williams paid homage to the influence of Stacey Abrams on Georgia’s transition from a traditionally red state to a blue one. “I think it’s residual impact of Stacey Abrams,” she said, nodding her head to Atlanta mayor Keshia Lance-Bottoms. “I think Atlanta and the Black populous parts of Georgia were robbed of Governor Abrams. I think they haven’t forgotten about it.”

Williams shifted the focus from Abrams back to Biden and noted that if he comes out victorious, he will “owe” the Black communities and Hayes did not hesitate to agree and deemed Biden as “a man of his word.” He continued to add, “I think with Kamala in office, they’ll work well together to make sure the African-American community is acknowledged [and] there’s opportunity.”

As we inch toward the finish line of the election, Williams stated that she does not anticipate a “conclusive result” due to the possibility of recounts before the new year approaches. When it comes to how Black America will handle the anticipation in the meantime, Hayes believes that rests in the hands of the current president. “If he calms his base down who drive around in pickup trucks, block people in, try to intimidate people and protest outside of where people are counting votes, he’s going to have to call the dogs off, per say. Not us — we’re going to celebrate a victory. We’re going to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s and we’re going to party and dance and enjoy what we can,” he said.

In her closing remarks, Williams reminded us of key information to keep in mind during the election including the Wisconsin recount and Trump’s potential unpeaceful removal from the White House. “Just like you, we’re going to continue to watch, to read and most importantly, to act. We must keep this energy and we must move our country forward,” she said after rhetorically asking the audience about what the next moves of the decision may look like.

No matter who may take office, Williams gave congratulatory words to the Black community who “showed up and showed out” for voter turnout. “What is clear to me is when we show up for ourselves, we show up for one another,” she said.

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