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Biden’s win and Georgia’s runoffs: What’s next for Black America?

The “Moving Forward” episode of last night’s “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” held a conversation about Joe Biden’s presidential win and how the Black community will — and should — be moving forward.

Inspired by Sean “Diddy” Combs’ successful “State Of Emergency: The State of Black America & Coronavirus” town hall, “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” is a platform that is designed to report news from the perspective of Black people for Black people.

Last night’s “REVOLT BLACK NEWS” episode “Moving Forward” discussed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ 2020 election win and what the next steps are for Black folks. Host and executive producer Eboni K. Williams was joined by Dustin Ross, Reecie Colbert, Soledad O’Brien, Michael Harriot, Van Lathan, Gary Chambers, Jr. and Damon Hewitt.

First up were Chambers and Hewitt for a conversation about the influence of the south on this year’s election. After Chambers spoke on his advocacy, Williams turned to Hewitt about the importance of the U.S. Census and how incompletion can be detrimental to the Black community. “We have to make sure that Black votes, Black voices and Black vitality matter and count in this country. We have to...go all the way,” Hewitt said.

Back to Chambers, Williams brought up his video that went viral and how that paralleled the understanding of participating in civic organizations at a local level. As the parent of a 5th grader, Chambers had the ability to tap into the lens of someone from both angles. “[With] our school board, it’s not just Betsy DeVos that impacts the education of our children,” he said. “It’s really about who buys into the ideology that opposes the liberation and progress of our people. We have the political capacity in the deep south to make monumental changes in our community. But, we’ve got to be involved.”

When asked what’s at stake for Black folks in the south, Chambers answered “everything.” He continued to say that Harris and Biden need the resources that are coming into our communities to be tangible — more than an idea and more “strategic plans.”

In last night’s “HEADLINES,” Williams discussed the surge in COVID-19 cases across the country, Pzifer’s announcement of a 90% effective COVID-19 vaccine, the debate against the elimination of the Affordable Care Act, and Trump’s continuous claim of voter fraud without evidence. After breaking down the news, Williams welcomed O’Brien and Lathan about disinformation and its rapid spread. While she admitted that she relies on social media for her news intake because of accessibility, O’Brien said that the headlines are oftentimes framed to be “clickbaity” and do not always accurately depict what the article may be about.

“It was taught to take the conflict and whatever you can and put it right in the headline, so that you can drive people to what it is,” Lathan said as he explained what he was taught during his days at TMZ. “That’s not news. That’s capitalism, that’s commerce, that’s clicks. You have to always look at the intention of the news organization that you’re consuming.”

In “Black Excellence in Entertainment,” Ross came into the conversation to discuss Beyonce’s partnership with Peloton for HBCUs students, Blue Ivy slated to narrate Matthew Cherry’s “Hair Love,” Stephen Curry’s Unanimous Media inking a first-look deal with Audible, and Don Cheadle’s partnership with HBO Max. “Three greats: Whitney Houston, Andre Harrell and Christopher Wallace. That’s Black excellence and it’s about time they were honored in that way,” Ross said about Houston and Biggie Smalls being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this past weekend.

As Williams and Ross wrapped up their conversation on entertainment, she welcomed Colbert and Harriot for a discussion about the House and Senate results. “The end game for Trump and why all this exists is because of this: That we’re talking about it,” Harriot said about why he believed Trump moved forward to push for a recount. “I don’t think Trump would ever admit that he lost. So, he sowed the seed of doubt in the elections, so nearly half of the country could believe these election results weren’t real, fair or rigged somehow.”

As a message to Georgia voters, Colbert simply said to “complete the work” because their job is not over even if we had received election results for Biden and Harris’ victory. “As long as the Democrats really hone in on a Georgia specific message,” she said about Georgia still having work to do regarding the final ballot counts. “Forget about these food fights about progressive versus census. Stick with what works in the actual state of California, stick to a stronger economic message, stick to healthcare and I think they will have a winning message, but they gotta keep it local and resist the temptation to nationalize this actual special election.”

“We gotta come through for Georgia because in this general election, Georgia came through for us,” Williams said as she closed out with information about absentee ballots and mail-in voting.

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