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Discover the electrifying world of the Success Playbook Podcast, hosted by the inimitable Chanelle, a trailblazer in the sports industry with a multitude of accomplishments, including television features on NBC Sports. Immerse yourself in captivating stories and priceless wisdom from a best-selling author and one of the industry's most esteemed professionals. In each episode, Chanelle delves into pop culture, personal development, career advancement, and naturally, sports, engaging her audience with her signature wit, charm, and unrivaled expertise.

Unwavering in her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Success Playbook Podcast shines a spotlight on underrepresented voices. During the show expect to hear how you can defy the odds and achieve success in spite of failure, adversity, and L's. You'll hear interviews from coaches, athletes, sports professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Whether you're an aspiring sports professional, an ardent follower of Chanelle's work, or simply seeking a powerful source of inspiration and empowerment, the Success Playbook Podcast serves as your definitive guide on the path to greatness!

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We All Should be Doing This!

12.29.2022  /  27 min
Heyyyy cousin! Tune in this week as I discuss Tory & Meg, Deion Sanders, NIL, and work-life balance. You don't want to miss this! Click HERE for the All-Star Accelerator: ...

Merry Christmas!

12.25.2022  /  1 min
Heyyyy cousins! Just stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Click HERE for the All-Star Accelerator: 3 EASY STEPS TO SET YOURSELF APART & LAND YOUR DREAM JOB IN ...

Double Dose Podcast Sneak Peak

12.15.2022  /  10 min
Heyyyy Cousin! Tune in to my OTHER podcast. This podcast is special because I do it alongside my twin sister. For more episodes search: Double Dose. Click HERE for the All-St ...

Get to Know Chanelle

12.15.2022  /  21 min
Heyyyy Cousin! We have some new family members at the cookout, so allow me to reintroduce myself! This podcast is designed to share my background with my listeners. Click ...

Sneak Peak: TedTalk

09.22.2022  /  8 min
Heyyyy Cousin! I know you're probably thinking, "where have you been?!" Well, I've had the opportunity of a lifetime! I'll share more details on a later episode, in the meantime, listen to a sneak pea ...

Ep. 2 Here's what Monique did WRONG: How to effectively advocate for yourself in the workplace

07.15.2022  /  32 min
Heyyyy cousin! Thank you for tuning into the second episode of the success playbook podcast! During this episode we learn how to effectively advocate for ourselves in work settings.Follow Chanelle on ...

Episode 1. Introduction

06.22.2022  /  26 min
Hey cousin! Welcome to my podcast. Join me bi-weekly to discuss topics around culture, sports, and personal development. Purchase the Success Playbook: Purchase the Art ...


06.15.2022  /  0 min
Hey Y'all! Welcome to my podcast!