Special Episode ft Lee Kasumba, Lootlove & Ayanda MVP

06.04.2019  /  130 min

Episode Details

How lucky are we? To have three of the best role players in the SA Hip Hop culture, not just as females but as human beings who stand for carrying this culture forward. Lee Kasumba, Lootlove and Ayanda MVP graced the studio to share parts of their journeys ahead of the upcoming #CastleLiteUnlocks Conversations, which are set to take place on the first day of the two-day spectacle.

Lee Kasumba, where do we even start? One of the purveyors of the Joburg Hip Hop scene, she helped bring Hip Hop to the mainstream during her tenure at Yfm, she also put on some of your favourite emcees. Lee can be described as a connector in the game, whether it’s rappers to audiences, DJs to artists, and even labels to artists. Having stepped away from Hip Hop for a moment, she takes time to let us in on what she has been up to and trust us when we say she made us green with envy.

Lootlove, a returning guest on the show, was introduced to the audience at large through TV presenting on Live Amp and recently made a swift transition to radio. Hosting Absolute Hip Hop with DJ Speedsta on Metro FM, she is definitely very hands-on​ in the progression of SA Hip Hop in all aspects. Most of us got into Hip Hop through friends, cousins and/or siblings, you won’t believe who put her onto Hip Hop. Loot also shares her struggles and joys of motherhood and fame

Ayanda MVP has become almost everyone’s favourite DJ, and one thing we’ve learned in this episode is that Ayanda doesn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. She has pushed through many walls to get where she is today, from being an on-air Hip-Hop radio presenter to making the transition to a fully-fledged daytime presenter on one of Gauteng’s biggest stations. From TUKS FM and learning how to DJ with techno, to now being part of the #CastleLiteUnlocks conversations. Ayanda’s story is definitely hard to ignore just like her presence behind the decks.

Enjoy the episode and don’t forget to engage with us through the hashtags #TheSoberingPodcast and #CastleLiteUnlocks

Guests: @LeeKasumba @LootLove @AyandaMVP

Hosts: @Mokgethwa__ @Fratpacker @Fratpackmusic

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