S04E01 ft Maglera Doe Boy

Season 1  /  02.06.2020  /  142 min

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What a way to start a season, we have the one and only Maglera Doe Boy, one of South Africa's most promising wordsmith.

Through his music and vlogs we've had a glimpse of what Maglera is about, sitted in the middle seat, Maglera lets us know what it's like growing up in Kanana, an underdeveloped township of Klerksdorp plagued with drugs and a huge violent crime rate. A place where he sharpened his pen skills and slanged some drugs in his teen years and lost some of his homies through all of the above.

It's not all dark and grotesque with Maglera, he shares his beautiful family dynamic and what his relationship with Khuli and the rest of Morafe is like. We cannot make any of this up even if we tried, Maglera's stories definitely not one to ignore and this episode is for the books.


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