Hip-Hop’s Golden Anniversary - Celebrating 50 Years

Season 4  /  Episode 26  /  08.11.2023  /  44 min

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REVOLT Black News celebrates 50 years of Hip-Hop while examining how the genre became a global movement, diving into hip-hop’s role in social justice, exploring the business of hip-hop, feminism in rap, and the genre's relationship with fashion. 

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Mississippi “Goon Squad” Sentencing; Dearth of Black Male Teachers; The Rise of STD’s; State Farm: Food Waste

Season 4  /  Episode 37  /  11.17.2023  /  43 min
RBN returns to Rankin County for updates on the Mississippi Goon Squad, examines the lack of Black males teachers in the classroom, investigates the rise of STDs in the Black community, and presents a ...

YSL Trial Update; A.I.’s Black Code; Update: New Study Links Relaxers and Cancer in Black Women; Da’Vinchi; State Farm’s Million Meal Pack.

Season 4  /  Episode 34  /  10.27.2023  /  40 min
RBN gives an update on the YSL trial, looks at how racial bias shows up in artificial intelligence, investigates the link between relaxers and uterine cancer, interviews Da’Vinchi, and looks at the Mi ...

The Story of...Usher

Season 4  /  Episode 33  /  10.20.2023  /  41 min
On this special edition of REVOLT Black News Weekly, Kennedy Rue sits down with the one and only Usher for an in-depth look at his remarkable journey. From his early beginnings under the mentorship of ...

Fearless Fund; Black Maternal Mortality; Issa Rae & the Barbie Blowup; AI/Crypto and the Black Community

Season 4  /  Episode 32  /  10.13.2023  /  43 min
RBNW chronicles the attack on the Fearless Fund, investigates why Black women are dying in record numbers at childbirth, sits down with Issa Rae, and takes a dive into Crypto in the Black community

The Missing Black Women Epidemic

Season 4  /  Episode 31  /  10.06.2023  /  44 min
Live from REVOLT WORLD, REVOLT Black News Weekly delivers an important conversation that could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Jail deaths in Fulton County; Dearth of Black Doctors; Halle Bailey’s superstar rise; AI and Crypto education for the community

Season 4  /  Episode 30  /  09.29.2023  /  41 min
RBN examines the high number of deaths at Fulton County Jail and the issues with local jails; RBN investigates the issue of Black doctors within Black communities; Halle Bailey talks with Kennedy Rue; ...

Brain Dead Baby; Psychedelics; Diddy’s New Music & Black Women in E-Sports

Season 4  /  Episode 29  /  09.22.2023  /  41 min
RBNW investigates the death of a 3 year old baby, the increased interest in psychedelics, sits down with Diddy to discuss new music, and takes a look at Black women in the gaming space.

C Murder's Quest for Freedom, 'Who's Black?' Debate, and Fighting The Mental Health Stigma

Season 4  /  Episode 28  /  08.26.2023  /  43 min
On this edition of RBNW, we delve into the intricacies of C Murder’s ongoing battle for justice and freedom, probing the complexities and controversies surrounding identity and the right to claim Blac ...

Mississippi Goon Squad Update; Usher's Summit; & More

Season 4  /  Episode 27  /  08.18.2023  /  43 min
REVOLT Black News on the Mississippi Goon Squad, Fulton County Jail and recent news of another death. The team examines, if the Black community is doing enough to protect our LGBTQ community, Usher's ...

Three Murdered Sisters Update; Carlee Russell Fallout; Ms. Lawrence Takes REVOLT to the Ball.

Season 4  /  Episode 25  /  08.04.2023  /  43 min
RBNW has breaking information on the murdered sisters in Texas, questions why Carlee Russell fabricated her kidnapping, takes a deep dive into health conspiracies after Bronny James' health scare, and ...