Katherine May On Embracing Uncertainty, Giving Yourself Grace, and Finding Enchantment

Season 2  /  Episode 12  /  05.17.2023  /  66 min

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With the world as it is right now, there are so many unwanted changes happening for all of us, and we can't stop them. We can do what we can to influence and ameliorate them, but honestly, there are unstoppable things we just can't control. So to help us get comfortable with this sense of uncertainty and lack of control, Stacy welcomes writer, author, and podcaster Katherine May to the show.

Tune in as Stacy and Katherine deep dive into how we can embrace uncertainty and experience enchantment in our daily lives amongst change and growth. Referencing her new book Enchantment, Katherine does not simply hand us the answers to life's questions but instead, leaves us with a mirror of relatability, leading to a fresh curiosity and a perspective shift on how to view our everyday life as magic.


Embracing a sense of uncertainty

How to work with desire and discipline 

“I find happiness quite boring.”

Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves?

Releasing the toxic notion of perfection

What is enchantment? 

Preaching and practicing genuine diversity 


“I've learned the hard way that force just doesn't work for me and that grace is the only way forward.” - Katherine May

“Enchantment is a daily granular practice in your life that you find wherever you are. So don't go looking for enchantment once and for all in one special place. Keep looking for it everywhere every day.” - Katherine May


Katherine May

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