“Aren’t I Also Divine?” with Ehime Ora

Season 1  /  Episode 2  /  09.12.2023  /  50 min

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Sometimes, we forget who we are. Sometimes, we look for God in the wrong places. Sometimes, we give in to distractions because we’ve lost sight of what actually matters. This episode’s guest, Ehime Ora, is a Nigerian writer, priestess, and educator who seeks to help us to reconnect with ourselves. She has also navigated multiple seasons of life where she has lost sight of herself.In this conversation, Ehime talks with host Michell C. Clark about how her desire to be loved led her astray, and how her connection with herself helped her to heal and recover. Ehime and Michell also talk about the philosophy of writing, navigating New York City while neuro-divergent, and how creativity and spirituality go hand in hand.

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