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7 of G Herbo’s hottest bars from his “Off Top” freestyle

On the second episode of “Off Top,” G Herbo flexed his lyrical muscles over J. Cole’s “95 South” beat and did not disappoint.

Spitters who can freestyle off the top of the dome has always been a move that gets a true MC the respect they deserve. REVOLT’s “Off Top” is here to bring real bars back to the game with Big Tigger, Rapsody and DJ Nyla Symone. Step in the booth with us.

Conway The Machine set a high standard for REVOLT’s “Off Top” freestyles last week during its debut, but G Herbo was up to the challenge when he appeared on the show’s second episode on Friday (July 30). The Chicago MC flexed his lyrical muscles over J. Cole’s “95 South” beat and did not disappoint.

He also spoke about his life and music in an interview with “Off Top” co-hosts Big Tigger, Rapsody and DJ Nyla Symone. Herbo shared his thoughts on drill music’s evolution, revealed why his joint project with longtime collaborator Lil Bibby hasn’t materialized and opened up about fatherhood.

New episodes of REVOLT’s “Off Top” air every Friday at 9:00 p.m. EST. Herbo’s latest album 25 is available now via Republic Records. Enjoy some of the highlights from his freestyle below.

1. “Niggas still ain’t chipped in, I ain’t doing this shit again/I can’t trust when niggas sin that’s why I got like six friends”

G Herbo’s take on “95 South” is drenched in paranoia. While he does spit a fair share of boastful lines, his distrustful mindset is pervasive. This running theme transforms J. Cole’s triumphant anthem into a grim character study.

2. “Them cold nights was sad and lonely/Felt the devil on me, demons they forever on me, that’s why I got it on me/Rolling 30 deep but I’m forever lonely/‘Cause I know the reaper slide on me, he don’t care about my homies”

Herbo’s lone wolf mentality becomes more apparent as he rhymes on the Boi-1da, Colemxn and Maneesh-produced instrumental. He detects a target on his back and no amount of protection can alleviate this anxiety. Despite having a support system around him, his safety remains in his own hands.

3. “Might think I’m lying, but I ain’t never lied in my raps/Got this bitch in my left hand ‘cause niggas die with they strap/War time, ain’t never hide, was right outside, put that on wax/Before this rap, I blew a whole milli cash and that’s a fact”

The drill rapper makes it clear he’s no studio gangster. In a world of exaggeration and fabrication, Herbo lets fans know his lyrics are genuine. The truth may be ugly, but it’s important for him to never sanitize his life experiences.

4. “Living on a wild side, he in a different time zone/Only spitting real life, the shit that have ya mind blown/Want advice before you die? I just say turn ya grind on”

Herbo continues to deliver the “straight no chaser” raps, emphasizing his authenticity. He also mixes in a bit of wit while maintaining a menacing tone. It’s a familiar formula for the 25-year-old artist, but it works well.

5. “Tired of trying to prove myself, for what? Throw the towel up/Nigga, I ain’t having money problems, this shit piling up/I ain’t come to celebrate this shit, fuck I’m smiling for?/If you ain’t trying to make this shit no bigger, fuck you ‘round us for?”

Listeners get a glimpse at the inner conflict fueling Herbo. After years in the rap industry, he sees himself as a well-established act. But there’s a part of him that strives for more. He refuses to rest on his laurels.

6. “I rose from the gutter/And I took my momma from a Camry to a Benz, riding Rolls with my brother/Lost a Lamb, bought another one/And got off probation while I’m ‘round with this fucking gun/I made double digits in a year, I need another run/And I made some money off the trap, went through a couple tons”

Herbo basks in some of his triumphs and reflects on his humble beginnings. Notably, he makes a point to focus on how his success has helped his family. He’s not afraid to show off his cockiness though, bragging about the dough he’s racked in over the years.

7. “When we get this shit by any means, they wanna call us wrong/I was all alone, who the fuck I had to call on?/Relentless, I’m like a dog, ain’t gon’ give a dog a bone”

Herbo wraps up his three-minute bar fest by reiterating his uncompromising attitude and loner tendencies. He’s scratched and clawed to get where he’s at today, making him more driven. Although it’s been difficult, it’s evidently a source of pride, too.

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