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7 of Conway The Machine’s hottest bars in his “Off Top” freestyle

Conway The Machine displayed his lyrical prowess on the debut episode of REVOLT’s new series “Off Top.” Peep his best bars here.

Spitters who can freestyle off the top of the dome has always been a move that gets a true MC the respect they deserve. REVOLT’s “Off Top” is here to bring real bars back to the game with Big Tigger, Rapsody and DJ Nyla Symone. Step in the booth with us.

Conway The Machine displayed his lyrical prowess on the debut episode of REVOLT’s new series “Off Top,” which premiered last Friday (July 23). The Griselda Records rapper spit over JAY-Z’s “Ignorant Shit” instrumental, unleashing some replay-worthy rhymes for the show’s inaugural freestyle.

The Buffalo, New York native also sat down with “Off Top” hosts Big Tigger, Rapsody and DJ Nyla Symone to discuss his career and much more. Conway reflected on his originality, explained why he won’t participate in a battle rap event and named the artists on his hip hop Mount Rushmore, among other topics. The interview provided fans with plenty of insight, but the real fireworks came when The Machine stepped into the booth.

Check out some of the best bars from Conway’s freestyle below and watch new episodes of “Off Top” every Friday at 9:00 p.m. EST.

1. “Look in the driveway, you see a fleet of foreigns/Like The U in the ‘80s, the coupe green and orange”

Conway is no stranger to Just Blaze beats. Just one year ago, he appeared on the Westside Gunn posse cut “98 Sabre,” which was produced by Just Blaze. The Machine sounds just comfortable on the producer’s classic from 2007’s American Gangster album, beginning his “Off Top” freestyle by referencing the glory days of the Miami Hurricanes football team to flex about his car collection.

2. “Still getting backends and I ain’t even touring/Niggas keep getting smoked, they ain’t even scoring”

Touring is slowly starting to return amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but Conway doesn’t feel any rush to hit the road for tour money. He gloats again, this time bragging about the money he’s been raking in without doing shows. He even throws in a jab at the competition, which hasn’t been so lucky.

3. “Spend my money giving back and they question my motives/That’s why I don’t fuck with nobody, I’m guessing you notice”

As mentioned in his “Off Top” interview, the Griselda MC loves to give back to his hometown. Conway makes a point to reference his unselfish nature here, but takes issues with anyone thinking he has ulterior motives in doing so. These doubters are one of the reasons why he’s distrustful.

4. “I can easily bury your hype/This shit ain’t fair in no fight/Your knees too old, your ACL tear in the slight/Ducking your left, parry your right/Then I counter like Tyson Fury, that’s an early goodnight”

Conway’s flow is relaxed for the majority of his freestyle, but he kicks it into high gear about a minute into the track. The Machine evokes the imagery of a prizefight, delivering each line with the swiftness of a boxer hitting a speed bag. He eventually scores the lyrical knockout with a simile referring to heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

5. “I’m from where you leave your house, you gotta carry your pipe/Niggas get married to the street before they marry a wife”

There’s no glamorizing the streets of Buffalo in Conway’s music. That trend continues here as he paints a vivid but grim picture of his city. Having been shot in 2012 and suffering from Bell’s Palsy as result, he knows the danger all too well.

6. “That’s the difference, nigga, you lit but you ain’t sharing your light/I get a pie, my people there get a slice before I dare get a bite”

The Machine is no fan of selfishness. As someone who makes sure everyone in his circle eats, the skilled lyricist disapproves of those only looking out for themselves. The whole Griselda crew is incredibly supportive of each other, so this attitude should come as no surprise.

7. “Niggas like, ‘Machine, I see you gay marry your ice’/Chain cost more than you niggas could afford to wear in your life”

Conway closes out the freestyle with a response to an apparent diss – or a witty line he came up with just to show off one last time. He’s got expensive taste and isn’t afraid to taunt others with his lavish jewelry. It’s an entertaining way to conclude the demonstration of his elite wordplay and a reminder of why Griselda has become a hip hop powerhouse.

Peep Conway The Machine’s full freestyle above!

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