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Styles P says Biggie is “the greatest MC that has ever existed”

Styles P chimed in on the greatest rapper of all time debate.

Styles P, Biggie BET/ Eddie Otchere

Styles P chimed in on the recurring greatest rapper of all time debate, and according to him, it’s The Notorious B.I.G. The Lox emcee was a guest on the “Bigface Gary Show” where he expressed his seemingly unwavering belief that the Brooklyn legend was the best to ever hit the mic.

Biggie is the greatest MC that has ever existed,” he said, to which the host of the show argued that the “Juicy” star’s tragic death was the only reason he would get the title. He made mention of JAY-Z and other notable emcees that he thought should be considered. When insisting he had a lot of love for Biggie, Styles P disagreed. “No you don’t. You don’t love him enough to understand...,” he said.

According to Styles, many emcees evolve between their first and second albums, but the evolution between Big’s Ready to Die debut and his sophomore project, Life After Death, was significant.

“Big’s second album was global. Do you understand what I’m sayin’?” Styles asked. “Global. That was a different — he hit a different chamber and level to even have the audacity to say my second one is gonna be my second and third one.”

Though names brought up during discussions about the best emcee of all time vary from person to person, many agree with Styles P’s opinion that Big is most worthy of the title. On numerous occasions, Diddy has declared his late friend the greatest rapper of all time. Pusha T is also a big fan of the Brooklyn star. “I believe The Notorious B.I.G. was the greatest rapper who’s ever lived,” he once said, per Rolling Stone. “He was a master painter with words.”

Ironically, Big allegedly used to think there was another emcee better than him: JAY-Z.

“Once Big met [JAY-Z] at the Palladium, and they bonded just on some G shit ‘cause they respected each other as men, and they respected each other as artists,” Lil Cease said during an Instagram Live session last year. “Big wasn’t afraid to tell that — Big thought he was doper than him. Big used to say, ‘Yo, that nigga nicer than me.’”

Look below to see Styles P discussing his choice for the greatest emcee of all time.

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