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Twitter reacts to DJ Quik’s April Fools’ Day joke about being shot

Quik’s joke had mixed reactions from people on social media.

DJ Quik Getty Images

A lot of people were concerned about the well-being of DJ Quik after he posted that he was shot multiple times and on the way to the hospital, but the veteran later revealed that it was just an April Fools’ Day joke.

On Thursday (April 1), Quik took to his Instagram Story to reveal to his followers and fans that he had been shot. “I’m on my way to the hospital,” he wrote. “Someone just shot into my car 7-10 times on the freeway. I got hit twice. Pray for me.” After tons of friends and fans of the Compton native sent their thoughts and prayers, he made another Instagram post saying that he was joking.

“Oh yeah... APRIL FOOL!” he wrote, alongside a winking emoji.

Quik also shared a video to social media, giving himself praise for his prank. “Mhm,” he said in the short clip. “April Fools’ Day. Now, y’all gotta top that. I got y’all. That was a good one. Damn, I impressed myself with that. Yeah, no ... Happy April Fools’ Day. Love y’all. I’m good.”

His joke had mixed reactions from a lot of people on social media. Twitter user @wowistaken wrote, “DJ Quik is out of his mind for thinking this was a funny joke for April Fool’s. Making people worry if you’re hurt or not when you’re fine because of a date is very strange behavior.”

“I’mma look past DJ Quik almost giving me a heart attack today and just celebrate his music because it’s always a good time to do that,” tweeted @GrooveSDC.

“DJ Quik [fooled] all of you idiots and [y’all] are mad only because he made an April Fools joke,” tweeted @flashfunk2003. “Oh my goodness the human race is becoming more stupid, inept and uptight as the years have gone by.”

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