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Lil Uzi Vert reveals the real reason he placed his pink diamond on his forehead

Lil Uzi explained why he decided to rock the $24 million diamond in the center of his forehead.

Lil Uzi Vert Lil Uzi Vert

Since revealing his forehead diamond, Lil Uzi Vert has taken to social media on numerous occasions to address negative commentary regarding his new gem. He argued against claims it wasn’t centered and let fans know the rapper who inspired his new look. Now, he’s finally explaining why he decided to go through with his bizarre idea.

According to Uzi, he initially purchased the $24 million diamond from jeweler Simon Babaev for a ring, but after a while, he had second thoughts. With fear of losing his expensive stone, he decided it should go on his face.

“I’m Lil Uzi. I’m turnt up. So $24 million on a ring is the stupidest idea because I’m gonna look down and that ring ain’t gon’ be there,” he said during an appearance on “The Fat Joe Show.” “I know me. I wake up in odd places and different sceneries.”

The exact location on his face, however, didn’t come until later. The Eternal Atake emcee proposed a few areas before finally choosing his forehead — a position that Babaev didn’t initially agree with.

“Don’t think it was just a ‘come on, let’s go get his money,’” he said. “No, bro, they argued me down. It’s almost insane to the average person, or to any person.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Uzi brought someone in to consult with Babeav before undergoing the procedure, which the jeweler confirms was “not a standard piercing.” “A specific piece and part were both engineered with millimeter precision to get this put on him,” Babeav explained, adding the forehead diamond is safe.

Uzi’s debut of the pink stone shocked fans and social media users, sparking reactions and jokes, including one that compared him to Marvel Comics’ superhero Vision. After days of being the topic of discussion, the “Baby Pluto” star took to Twitter and left a voice note for his critics.

“It’s only a piercing, guys. I done had 10,000 piercings in my face, and when I had my piercing in my face last time, y’all was going in on me...Bitch, relax,” Uzi said. “That’s why y’all face don’t have nothing on it, and that’s why my face have everything I ever wanted to put on there. You know what’s on y’all face though ‘cause y’all dick-sucking. Y’all got a lot of nerve.”

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