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Black man fatally shot by two white men while jogging through Georgia neighborhood

His killers have not been charged.

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Back in February, Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot while jogging through a neighborhood near his home in Brunswick, Georgia. To date, his killers have not been charged.

According to the New York Times, Arbery was a huge fan of running. As a former high school football player, he would enjoy running outdoors to keep in shape.

On February 23, he jogged past Gregory McMichael, who then told his son Travis to get their guns. McMichael and his son took their weapons and jumped into their truck to follow Arbery. He claims that he told the former football star to “stop” so that he could talk to him. Soon after, there was a struggle over the firearm and Arbery was shot and killed.

In the police report, McMichael argued that Arbery looked like a suspect from a string of robberies that took place in the area.

As of today (April 28), no one has been charged or arrested in connection with his death. A prosecutor argued that McMichael and his son acted within Georgia's citizen’s arrest statute. Travis, who held the shotgun, is believed to have acted in self-defense. The police report does not state whether or not Arbery had a weapon.

Arbery’s family and friends were ready to protest in the neighborhood where he was killed, but social distancing has caused a rift in their plans.

“We can’t do anything because of this corona stuff,” Arbery’s mother Wanda Cooper said. “We thought about walking out where the shooting occurred, just doing a little march, but we can’t be out right now.”

Jason Vaughn, his former football coach, planned to protest as well.

“There are a lot of people absolutely ready to protest,” he said. “But, because of social distancing and being safe, we have to watch what’s going on with the Coronavirus.”

We will keep you updated with the latest. Rest in peace Ahmaud Arbery.

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