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Pookie Loc’s son says he’s been getting death threats since Gucci and Jeezy’s Verzuz

Pookie Loc — former Jeezy affiliate — was shot and killed by Gucci Mane in 2005 following a failed attempt at an armed robbery.

The son of Jeezy’s late associate claims he’s been receving death threats following the historic Gucci Mane and Jeezy Verzuz battle last week.

Quint “Leftside” Ross, Pookie Loc’s son, took to Facebook to share that he’s been targeted by social media trolls following the competition. “I’m gettin death threats and all,” Ross wrote. “Let’s do it. Get me a new strap.”

Pookie Loc — an affiliate of the Snowman — was shot and killed by Gucci Mane following a failed attempt at an armed robbery in 2015. At the time, many believed he was sent by Jeezy to commit the crime, so Gucci — who was acquitted of murder charges related to the fatal shooting — retaliated by dropping the “Truth” record in which he references Loc’s death.

Amid the Verzuz battle, Guwop played the song, prompting an awkward tension that led many to believe violence might ensue. Instead, Jeezy countered with a mature response, sharing his desires to “do it for the culture” and move past their drama.

By the end of the battle, Gucci accepted the olive branch and the two performed their hit single “So Icy,” but Ross isn’t happy about the way Jeezy handled the situation. “Boy that nigga disrespectful asf,” he wrote on Facebook. “And Jeezy, boy I’m upset with you cuzz.”

Following the battle, Jeezy explained that he’s worked hard to better himself and is no longer in the same mental space he was in at the height of his beef with the “Lemonade” emcee.

“I just felt like I wasn’t gonna lose my cool—I wasn’t gonna let anyone, including myself, drag me back 20 years,” he told Big Boy. “I worked so hard to get in a place where things are good for me.”

“I’m not putting myself in no position to prove no point to nobody that I’m real,” he continued. “I been real… It’s solid, ain’t nothin’ ever gonna change that. I don’t have anything to prove. The only thing that I gotta prove to myself is I wanna be better than I was yesterday.”

Quint Ross/Facebook
Quint Ross/Facebook

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