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Wack 100 offers $100,000 to anyone with footage of him getting knocked out

He is shutting down all rumors of him getting knocked out by Nipsey Hussle’s bodyguard.

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Wack 100 is continuing to dispel the rumors that he was knocked out by Nipsey Hussle’s bodyguard, J Roc at Rolling Loud Los Angeles.

In the video that appeared online, Wack is apparently searching for someone who attacked him as several people try to hold him back. He later reiterated his fans that no one knocked him out.

“I don’t know if y’all hate me that much, but Wack’s still on top,” Wack addressed the incident in an Instagram video on Monday (Dec. 16). “I don’t know what y’all talking ‘bout, somebody whooped Wack’s ass. Listen, try again. Next time you send a muthafucker, don’t send a muthafucker that know how to run,” he continued. “Send a muthafucker that know how to fight. Wack still living, Wack ain’t took no L’s, my nigga. Try again,” he added. “Close, but no cigar.”

He then posted another video addressing the incident again. He said, “All I seen was a nigga swing and run. A nigga 300 pounds, swing, couldn’t do nothing, and run. That’s a bitch ass nigga. That’s what I seen.”

Wack also posted offering $100,000 to anyone who has footage of him getting knocked out. He wrote, “I GOT 100,000 FOR ANYBODY THAT CAN PRODUCE A VIDEO OF WACK’S BOODY EVER TOUCHING THE CONCRETE ON PIRU ILL RUN IT TODAY.” His artist Blueface commented on the post, “I got another 100 for em.”

Problems between Wack 100 and Hussle’s entourage stemmed after Hussle’s untimely death. Wack made comments on air that Hussle wasn’t a legend when he died. “All these radio stations, all these people is all fake. I can speak on it because I was part of the Nipsey Hussle movement getting him his first multi-million dollar deal,” he said. “You got a man who died with a million followers and no radio hit and no fucking platinum plaques. But because everyone start talking like it’s a goddamn Popeyes chicken sandwich... So where was all these fans?... He didn’t die an A-list artist. Y’all talking about he’s a legend. If he’s a legend why didn’t y’all treat him like that when he was here?”

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