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Casanova joins the protest in “Run The Town” video

The Brooklyn emcee is about action with his latest.

Prince Brown

Recently, Brooklyn’s own Casanova took to the streets of New York in protest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Now, he adds to that with his latest single “Run The Town,” which is very direct about what he wants to do for the Black Lives Matter movement:

“I’ll take your life, with a knife, f*** the vice, this for Tamir Rice, I’m Eric Garner, standin’ on that corner, you a goner if I run up on ya’/

You a racist? You a coward, Scream it louder, “Black Power,” I got an AK for the KK, I got a bigger friend for George Zimmerman/

Trump in office, who’s voting? They killed Nia Wilson out in Oakland, let’s get the cracker who attacked her/

I’m feelin’ blacker, they better call for back up.../”

The video mixes footage of protests and movie footage that corresponds to the song’s aggressive subject matter. In addition, Casanova and his compadres can be seen, uniting with other gangs in the city in the fight against racism and police brutality.

Last month, Casanova delivered visuals for “Stress” and “COVID-19,” further showcasing real topics that have been affecting Black communities as of late. In an interview with REVOLT, he spoke on the importance of those issues and how it relates to his own incarceration as a youth:

“They need to start from the juvenile justice system. People need to speak about what really goes on in jail. Not the good parts, not the tough parts, but you’re missing out on your family. You’re losing your family, everybody abandoning you. Mental illness, depression, stuff like that. More people need to get together and show it’s not cool because from the outside looking in, the kids think it’s cool. Then from there, once they get in the system, it’s too late.”

Press play on “Run The Town” below.

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