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Omarion shares new video for “Do You Well”

The appears on his new album ‘The Kinection.’


Fresh off the release of his newest album The Kinection, Omarion wastes no time getting to releasing more material from the project. His newest treat for fans is a music video for “Do You Well.” For the song’s hook, Omarion sings about wanting to link up with his love over the Smash David-produced beat:

“Ooh, you be callin’ me when you’re alone. You be callin’ me, girl, when you all by yourself. Sendin’ freaky pictures to my phone, askin’ me to come and do you well. Ain’t no pressure, yeah, I’ll embrace ya, yeah. I come over, shock it like a taser. Bend it forward, buss at no one, yeah. Girl, you know that I’ma do you well. I been waitin’ on it for the right time. Hit me after midnight, that’s thе green light.”

In an interview with REVOLT from earlier this year, Omarion spoke about what inspires him to make music today:

“There’s something powerful about real time and being in your truth. Everything motivates me. I really want to always encourage people to move and dance. I always want to bring that joy. That’s my vibration. All my music, even if it’s a heartbreaking experience, it’ll always end on a high note. You have some good takeaways, that’s what motivates me to continue on. As an artist, I’m here to remind people through the design of life, which is traumatic for everyone. My contribution being on the planet is to make sure people stay motivated on their journey.”

Watch Omarion’s new music video for “Do You Well” below!

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