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Lil Yachty shares new ‘Lil Boat 3.5’ project

The deluxe version of Lil Boat 3 features new songs with Playboi Carti, Vince Staples, Lil Baby, and more.

Lil Yachty ‘Lil Boat 3.5’ cover art

Lil Yachty has just gifted fans with Lil Boat 3.5, an extended version of his most recent project, the third installment of his Lil Boat series. Before the new project even made landfall, Yachty caught a win and garnered a massive amount of attention for one of the tracks “Coffin,” which went viral on social media. On the song’s hook, Yachty hits every moment on the pungent beat:

Gimmе the keys to the coupe, I’ma pull out. Gotta wear condoms ‘cause I do not pull out. Walk in the spot, fifty deep with the tool out. They know that it’s us, show out at the cookout (Slatt, go). We gettin’ money, don’t care ‘bout what they on. Finger fuck hunnids at home all alone. In a suit with a stick like Capone. Bo for the Jackson, like Shamone, I took the chrome to chrome. I took his bitch, I boned. I made her leave her phone, yes. Who said we ain’t made records?

The revamped project includes an additional eight tracks, bringing the new grand total to a whopping 27 songs long. The last full-length body of work from Lil Yachty was Lil Boat 3 from earlier this year in May, making today’s 3.5 release the bridge between that project and the forthcoming Michigan Boy Boat. Lil Boat 3 included the standout hit “Oprah’s Bank Account.”

In a recent interview, Yachty shares his advice for anyone who is trying to maintain a transition between school and a career:

“If they’re trying to do something like me I’d say just stay creative. It’s all about being innovative. You’ve gotta have those eyes on you and make that next move that’s gonna grab the attention of the world. Again, Tyler is a perfect example. He ate that bug, man! He just went for it.”

Press play on Lil Yachty’s new Lil Boat 3.5 project down below.

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