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9 highlights from the “State of Safety” episode of “State of the Culture”

This week on “State Of The Culture,” we dissect the hysteria surrounding Coronavirus, Tekashi 6ix9ine’s 2020 prison release, Lil Yachty’s comeback, and much more.

‘State of the Culture’ is the show you turn on to hear unfiltered, unapologetic, gritty opinions in regards to topics within hip hop culture — whether you agree with what’s being said or not. Joe Budden, Remy Ma, Jinx, and Eboni K. Williams aren’t here to hold your hand in their debates and sugarcoat their words. They’re here to say what everyone else is afraid of saying, and do so with no hesitation. From talking about music, politics, sports and everything in between; the hosts are always with the shits. Welcome to ‘State of the Culture.’

This week on “State Of The Culture,” we dissect the hysteria surrounding Coronavirus, the pandemic that some initially underestimated, but that proved to be a much bigger threat than we imagined. The panel talks about the action that’s needed now more than ever, as healthcare workers become overwhelmed with new patients and staying indoors is now crucial. It’s not all doom and gloom, however. We also got into some of our usual fuck shit, such as Tekashi 6ix9ine’s 2020 prison release, Lil Yachty’s comeback, and whether or not NDA’s can save your reputation (and relationship).

Read the nine best gems from the latest “State Of The Culture” episode below!

1. Coronavirus: Praying for the best but expecting the worst

As corporations, schools, transit systems and cities slowly shut down to curb the spread of Coronavirus, SOTC gives a unanimous prediction that things are only going to get worse from here. “It’s exponential,” says Jinx. “All you have to do is be in the wrong room with a person who was in the wrong room, who was in the wrong room.” Eboni admits to underestimating the seriousness of the outbreak. She even decided to cancel her trip to Cartegena, Colombia after realizing it would be “irresponsible as fuck” to potentially put other lives at risk. Remy made substantial changes to her travel, canceling plans to record her album in Miami and having zero visitors in her dressing room at SOTC. All of these are necessary efforts to keep themselves healthy and others, too. The scariest part is not knowing if the pandemic will last two weeks or two months.

2. The Coronavirus outbreak highlights how poorly we take care of community

Jinx makes the interesting point that Coronavirus has a chain reaction that forces us to think more about self instead of community. “As people continue to live out in the real world, getting sick and infecting others, we raise the stress of our health system. Then, it becomes slower to service more people...when it rains, it rains on everybody. The only way we’re going to have an umbrella is if people stay indoors,” he said.

3. Denzel Curry joins SOTC to talk about XXXtentacion’s legacy

It’s officially been two years since the late XXXtentacion released his final album, ?. X’s best friend Denzel Curry calls in to discuss the legacy of his friend. “He was already big when he was alive, but he probably would be a megastar now,” Curry said. “We saw his transition from who he was and everything that was happening. Seeing him change over time, he would have been even bigger.”

4. Is the culture suddenly coming for Oprah?

Drake and DaBaby joined Lil’ Yachty in his nine-minute video for “Oprah’s Bank Account.” Some criticize Yachty for being in drag, but SOTC enjoyed the humor. “All of a sudden it feels like the Yachty machine is picking up again,” says Jinx. “I’m glad he’s not gone.” Eboni sees the video as part of a larger trend where celebrities are coming for Oprah. “The culture in general has a complicated relationship with Oprah,” she says. “When it’s the hip hop elite, she makes overtures in a way that she doesn’t for everyday hip hop figures.” Remy remembers Oprah being the “only black female representation on a huge scale,” but as she got older, Remy feels like she didn’t see much of herself in Oprah.

5. Jinx and Joe go toe-to-toe over Jay Electronica’s latest album

Jay Electronica’s highly anticipated album, A Written Testimony, finally dropped. Jinx, a longtime fan, gives the project stellar reviews. Joe isn’t buying it. “Did Jay Electronica get smacked around on his own album or not?” a frustrated Joe questions. “[Jinx] and the likes of him have put Jay Electronica with the likes of us for the last decade with no fucking music out.” Jinx hits back by challenging Joe to make an actual critique of the album before Joe provides some very cut and dry feedback. He said: “This sounds unpolished and rushed. I don’t like it!”

6. Megan Thee Stallion’s “short and sweet” mixtape Suga satisfied our sweet tooth

Eboni not only appreciated Megan Thee Stallion’s recently released project Suga for its bouncy club vibes, but also for its lyrical content. “I didn’t’ realize I had a lot in common with Meg,” she reveals. On the song “Rich,” Meg raps that if a guy is offering to buy her a drink, he needs to buy a round for her friends, too. Eboni admits to thinking that way as a broke law student, but no longer into adulthood. Remy says that expectation comes with strings. “[If my guy friends bought things for a girl and her friends, I wouldn’t be mad if I found out he was smashing all of them. That’s how you create situations,” she says. Joe hasn’t necessarily bought group drinks for a woman he’s courting, but has been generous enough to cover the bill at tables in restaurants. Awww!

7. DaBaby’s latest run-in with a fan calls into question celebrity rights

DaBaby was recently criticized after footage leaked of him smacking a female fan, who reportedly put her cell phone too close to his face. Remy feels fans are too entitled these days and that’s in part to the availability of cell phones. “People need to understand that we’re human beings, as well,” Remy says. She also understands DaBaby’s reaction because she’s often asked for photos on the street, not knowing if the person is a friend or foe. Eboni questions why DaBaby was rolling with such a large crew and no one provided protection. Remy feels security is to blame for not controlling his surroundings.

8. Tekashi 6ix9ine is one step closer to freedom

Word on the street is that Tekashi 6ix9ine is set to be released from prison August 2020. Joe doesn’t believe that the supposed “undisclosed location” he’ll be sent to will keep him safe. Remy Ma disagrees totally. “I don’t believe someone is going to try and kill him,” she says. “People walk around and hang with snitches all the time.” Eboni doesn’t believe Tekashi will tone down his reckless behavior. “I don’t think he did enough time to be different.” She also thinks the Brooklyn rapper will continue to make music that people will stream including folks on social media who were calling him a rat.

9. Loni Love might have the right idea with her NDA

Recently, “The Real” host Loni Love disclosed that she and her partner James Welsh have both signed NDA to protect details of their private lives together from becoming public. Jinx agrees with this idea. “Now your personal life is connected to your professional life,” he says. Joe knows from experience how useful a tool like this can be. “My history is splitting with someone and they talk shit for the rest of eternity,” he jokes.

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