Black Twitter has declared Vince Staples the most unintentionally funny star. Saturday (May 18) marked the second straight day that clips of the multi-hyphenate entertainer in various interviews have flooded all corners of the social media app, showcasing exactly how he keeps everyone laughing despite his straight-faced and laid-back deliveries.

On Thursday (May 16), a Twitter user wrote, “The funniest n**ga [you know] don’t even [be] joking.” The blanket declaration sparked countless responses. Quote tweets suggested that Staples has a supreme ability to evoke laughter by simply answering a question, seemingly without trying to do so.

“[Laughing my f**king a** off], this is the best description of Vince Staples. He just has a funny delivery, but he be dead a** when he’s talking,” wrote a fan who agreed with the masses in the replies. Another user commented, “I love when the [timeline] is filled with clips of Vince Staples being funny without trying.” A third individual shared, “I love that Vince Staples is trending as a funny dude…’The Vince Staples Show’ had me laughing. The dude can really have a straight face while saying some funny a** s**t even in his interviews.”

Speaking of his eponymous Netflix show, which merged his dramatic acting chops with dry-humored comedy, Staples told GQ, “I know people think I'm funny, and I really appreciate that, especially making a comedic show,” but that he wasn’t focused on being funny. It just happens. Prior to the release of his five-episode mini-series, the “ARE YOU WITH THAT?” rapper made guest appearances on “Abbott Elementary,” "Insecure," shot a pilot for the ill-fated television adaptation of The Wood and starred in an earlier version of “The Vince Staples Show” on YouTube. In every instance he provided comedic relief, even without an over-the-top performance.

Furthermore, in his February interview with the publication, he shared, “I’m just drawn to the experience. Surprisingly, one of the best experiences I've had was shooting a pilot for The Wood on Showtime that didn't get picked up, but that had some comedic parts and also had some dramatic parts to it. And [the drama] was actually easier than the comedy, to be honest, because I'm not like a jokey type person. And I do understand that people appreciate my humor, and I'm happy that they do because things are funny, but I'm not like an outwardly emotional person.”

Check out some of the hilarious clips of Staples circulating online here.