Today (April 10), the city of Chattanooga, TN announced a "community celebration" in honor of Usher, who was born and raised there before relocating to Atlanta, GA to pursue his music career. During the free event, the veteran singer will receive a key to the city and proclamations from the state and local governments.

“The city of Chattanooga provided a spark that ignited the fire in me to pursue my dreams as a singer, and I’m thankful for the support I received from so many great family members, friends, and mentors so early in my journey," Usher stated in a press release. "Thank you for the honor. I look forward to celebrating with you all."

Mayor Tim Kelly added, "The pride in Chattanooga during Usher's iconic Super Bowl halftime show was palpable. We know as a smaller city, we punch way above our weight when it comes to the talent our city produces, and Usher is one of the finest examples of that talent. He’s going to feel the love when he comes home to McKenzie Arena on April 20. I look forward to seeing y’all there."

Back in October 2023, Usher was gifted a key to the city of Las Vegas ahead of his critically acclaimed Super Bowl performance. "Thank you so much for this momentous moment. I know the efforts that go into doing something like this, and I don’t take it for granted,” he told Councilman Cedric Crear and Mayor Carolyn Goodman during the ceremony. “I wanna thank you for your belief in the future and your ability to be able to recognize those things that actually do grow your city. I am someone who is now just contributing by way of entertainment, but also to the heartbeat of the city.” The Nevada metropolis also declared Oct. 17 Usher Raymond Day.