It appears as if Tommy Richman is looking to strike while the iron is hot. Earlier today (June 6), he shared a teaser for his next single, which -- based on the post's description -- is presumably titled "Devil Is A Lie." In a video shared on Instagram, the Virginia talent could be seen performing the funky track while showing off an old-school convertible. No release date for the song was given.

Back in April, Richman unveiled "MILLION DOLLAR BABY," the first through his partnership with Pulse Records and Brent Faiyaz's ISO Supremacy. The Max Vossberg, Jonah Roy, Mannyvelli, Sparkheem, and Kavi-produced cut was full of confident lines about what set the artist apart from the rest, his hometown, women, and more.

"You rep my city for so d**n long, but you still don't notice me, my sound next, VA next, I'm at they neck, I'm running up a check, she a bad lil' mama, she a diva, no matter what happens, he cannot come between us again, I know we're better than friends..."

"Million Dollar Baby" became Tommy Richman's breakthrough hit, gaining 4.6 million streams on its release day. As Billboard revealed, the track debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "38 million streams, 302,000 in radio airplay audience, and 4,000 sold."

In an interview with the Miami New Times, Richman spoke on the difficulties of breaking out of the DMV. "There's a lot of passion through the scene back home, and I feel like it's because a lot of people don't get a fair shake," he said. "It's really hard to have your voice heard there. That's probably why a lot of people from Virginia left, like Pharrell and Timbaland. It's kind of key for an artist to leave their nest. That way, you can appreciate where you come from."