When you think of the New York drill scene, it’s hard not to hear Rah Swish’s contributions to its growth. With his most diverse-sounding project, Elevator Music, releasing tomorrow (May 24), the talent reflected on his creative process, including a missed opportunity for one more Pop Smoke collaboration.

“The song was ‘Merci Beaucoup’ [from Pop Smoke’s Faith album]. They took me off of it. That’s why when you listen, he says, ‘Rah Swish, Pop Smoke.’ I have the second verse on the original. I come in like, ‘Pop Smoke, Rah Swish,’” the artist told REVOLT.

In this installment of “Studio Sessions,” Rah Swish explained why he isn’t worried about his lyrics being used against him in court. He also talked about potentially working with Cash Cobain and how Bow Wow’s Like Mike ended up in his new album. Read the exclusive chat below.

Elevator Music is your first solo project of 2024. You’re always recording new music, but when did you know you were working on an album?

Once I started recording songs like “Who Am I” and the record “One of One” with Jim [Jones], I started feeling like these weren’t throwaways. So now you can put a project together. The one with Jim sounded like some real throwback Harlem s**t. I [knew] it was something for a project. Once I started doing features, I knew I could also put them on there.

There are a few firsts on this album. Isn’t “BT” your first song with just you and Rowdy Rebel?

Yeah, that's the first song, and it's just him and me. Before we made the record, we were in the studio, and I told him, “Yo, bro, we have mad songs with other people. When are we going to do our own record?” We recorded that song on the spot. With Rowdy, it’s all love in the studio. That’s family there. We’re watching the game. “BMF,” “ Power,” or something. It’s a really family-oriented vibe.

Speaking of what you’re watching in the studio, you mentioned Kyrie Irving and Bow Wow’s Like Mike character, Calvin Cambridge, in the chorus of “Ain’t Tryna Talk.” How often do you watch something in the studio, and it turns into a song or a lyric?

Yeah, all the time, because music is not only a personal experience. It’s about things you see and hear, too. I always try to make those types of references, so other people can visualize it and not just listen. They’ll hear my song and go, “Oh, he’s talking about Like Mike. I remember Calvin Cambridge.” I probably watched Like Mike on the plane and recorded that song a few days after.

What were your favorite sessions for Elevator Music?

First off, the “Who Am I” record is one. I was trying to figure out how I could talk about myself in a new way. My engineer, Chris Murda [Burke], and I were talking about how I needed a record about myself to address certain things. We were brainstorming, and then it clicked like Jimmy Neutron had that brain blast. Also, “BT” was a great session because all the bros were there. Also, “Dasani” was a good one. Lonny [Love] and I were talking in the conference room and decided to turn it into a studio room. He asked me, “Do you know how to do sexy drill?” I said, “Do you know who you are talking to?” He killed it. We were actually watching Boomerang.

You mentioned sexy drill, which is blowing up right now. Cash Cobain is leading that charge. Have you two locked in yet?

We’re working things out. That's bro right there; I always see Cash around. But he’s a busy man right now. So, when the time is right, we will make it happen.

You speak about robbing the plug and things of that nature on this album. With artists like Young Thug having his lyrics used against him in court, do you ever edit what you say?

Not necessarily because everything is entertainment with me. Ain't nothing too much of anything? It’s just entertainment.

Why did you name your project Elevator Music?

I had no name for about two months and was just trying to figure out how to flip elevation. The project has a different vibe from myself and a mix of different songs. We’re trying to elevate and go to the top. One day, I was in the hotel pushing a button, and it wasn't working because I had forgot to tap the key first. That’s when I thought, “Oh s**t, I can't get up the elevator.” I just put it together and called it Elevator Music.

In 2021, you said you recorded a song with Pop Smoke the day he dropped Meet The Woo 2, but it wasn’t released then. Has it been released yet?

The song was “Merci Beaucoup” [from Pop Smoke’s Faith album]. They took me off of it. That’s why when you listen, he says, “Rah Swish, Pop Smoke.” I have the second verse on the original. I come in like, “Pop Smoke, Rah Swish.”

What do you have coming for the rest of 2024?

Work the project... Work the songs. We’re going to tap into the sexy drill a little bit. We’re going to work the rest of the year.