Earlier today (May 28), Entertainment Tonight shared an interview with Patti LaBelle during her 80th birthday party in New York City. During the exchange, she spoke about her upcoming album and the special meaning behind its title.

"I haven't had an album out in 20 years, so I'm working on that now," she explained to the outlet. "It should be out at the end of this year and it's called 8065. I'm 80 years young and 65 years in show business. So that's what the project will be called, and that's what my tour is called. 8065!"

She was also asked about the possibility of collaborating with Cardi B on wax. "Why not? She’s like one of my new best friends," the singer added. "To know that she was into Patti LaBelle. She’s like my new buddy."

In 2023, the two teamed up for a marketing scheme to promote their respective brands -- Cardi's Whipshots alcoholic whipped cream and LaBelle’s Good Life pies -- during the winter holiday season. Fans could also watch a short series that saw the artists enjoying their products and hanging out with loved ones.

Previously, REVOLT spoke to LaBelle about being able to perform for both her longtime supporters and younger audiophiles who were recently introduced to her iconic catalog. “It felt so great," she expressed. "I usually ask the crowd how many people are seeing me for the first time and I forgot to ask that question, but I know there are a lot of new Patti fans out there now."

She also gave her perspective on being called an "OG diva." “I’ve never believed in the word ‘diva,’” she admitted. “I think that word is for grand opera singers. I’m just Patti. I sing, I try to dance, and I’m not a diva. Maybe I have some diva qualities, but I don’t think I’m a diva (laughs).”