On Thursday (July 4), Marlon Wayans confirmed that his Los Angeles home was broken into and robbed. The comedian shared his reaction and gave some unexpected advice to the burglars.

In a video discussing the incident, which occurred early Saturday (June 29), Marlon described discovering that the home was invaded but maintained a light-hearted tone throughout his explanation. “I want you to know that they didn't really get much 'cause I don't own s**t," he stated. “So, unless you were gonna put that s**t on a truck and drag it away, then you did well, but I don't own s**t."

"God is so good. Everyone is fine. I’m grateful," read the accompanying caption. He humorously noted that the burglars chose the wrong target. "I don’t have anything valuable in my house except MY HOUSE. Sorry. I live a simple life with two cats, and one of them is a 1994 Range Rover. You will need a jumpstart if you steal it [‘cause] the battery is dead," Wayans added.

"Robbers, don’t waste your energy or your life doing home invasions. S**t is too heavy!!! You want to carry all that bulls**t? Throw your back out, and for what?!" he continued. Marlon's brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans, was at home during the burglary and reported hearing noises, but didn’t initially realize what was happening.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ the thieves entered through a rear window and managed to take several thousand dollars in cash and a safe. Despite the loss, Marlon was seemingly unfazed by the whole ordeal. "I repeat, I don’t own s**t valuable. I don’t have a bunch of cash or jewelry. Please pick a better [target]. Thank you and love you… still," the comedian concluded.

Marlon will embark on his comedic “Wild Child Tour” in September. It’s expected to begin on Sept. 14 at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas before making several stops in Illinois, Florida, and more.