Ludacris has more than a few hits in his discography, but when it comes time to ranking his top verses, fans have been stumped. Even narrowing down the task to just his appearances on his peers’ records still leaves many begging to differ, so he put the conversation to rest once and for all.

The witty lyricist is the latest guest to take on the hot wings gauntlet on “Hot Ones,” and during his conversation with host Sean Evans, he was challenged to tackle the dubious task of narrowing down his guest verses.

“There’s been these debates raging online about your best features on other artists’ songs, so here, while your brain and mine melt in hot sauce, I want to put them to rest from the source,” said Evans after they made it through the flight of mouth-burning hot sauces. “I’m curious, what to you is your Mount Rushmore of Luda guest verses? Your top four of all time,” he added.

With no hesitation, Ludacris began with, “Definitely Ciara ‘Oh’ is gon’ be in that top four.” The collaboration dropped in 2004 as a single on Ciara’s debut album, Goodies. The track peaked at the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. They would go on to rejoin forces for 2010’s hit “Ride.”

Nas’ “Made You Look (Remix)” was up second. The song was released in 2002 on Nas’ God’s Son album and features an opening verse from Jadakiss. “I gotta say ‘Yeah’ verse for a feature just because it is going down in music history, not just Hip Hop or pop, we talkin’ about music history,” said the Atlanta native. The massive hit record was certified 13x platinum by the RIAA in February, just two days before Ludacris, Usher and Lil Jon performed the undeniable hit track before an audience of 129.3 million at the Super Bowl.

“Number four is going to be very difficult because, man, you know it’s like it’s coming to mind. I don’t wanna be, I don’t wanna repeat myself, but I wanna say ‘Lovers and Friends,’ man. We talkin’ about — let’s just say, they say Usher, you know, Lil Jon and Luda had to do it again, that ‘Lovers and Friends’ record, we never shot a video for and it went No. 1 on the chart, and it’s like for it to be a slow song… and for it to resonate with people the way that it did, I would have to put that as number four,” said Ludacris.

The Lil Jon and The East Side Boyz track from their Ride With Me, Part 3 EP was released in 2004. Almost two decades later, it inspired the name of the popular Las Vegas-based music festival that has been headlined by Usher since its inception in 2022. This year’s performances take place on May 4, and yes, Ludacris will be hitting the stage.

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