Today (April 9), it was revealed that a Tennessee judge ruled in favor of Ja Morant regarding an altercation that occurred in July 2022. According to ESPN, Shelby County Circuit Judge Carol Chumney concluded that Morant's actions constituted self-defense when he punched then-17-year-old Joshua Holloway during the incident, which occurred at the Memphis Grizzlies star's residence.

This decision follows a civil immunity hearing that took place back in December 2023, during which Morant testified that he had thrown the first punch to protect himself after Holloway allegedly instigated the confrontation during a pickup basketball game. During the game in question, Holloway, reportedly frustrated by losses, threw a pass at Morant's face.

Subsequently, Morant asserted that Holloway advanced toward him, prompting Morant to react defensively by punching him. Morant's friend, Davonte Pack, also became involved in the altercation and was later arrested for misdemeanor assault, although the charge against him was ultimately dismissed.

Judge Chumney was said to have invoked Tennessee's self-defense immunity statute in the court filing, stating that Morant is entitled to "a presumption of civil immunity." The burden of proof was then shifted to Holloway and his legal team to refute Morant's claim.

Despite this ruling, Holloway's attorney expressed disappointment and reiterated their commitment to advocating for their client's interests. "We will continue to take the steps necessary to protect and advocate for Joshua," said lawyer Rebecca Adelman to ESPN.

This legal victory comes at a pivotal time for Morant, who has faced various challenges in the past year, including suspensions imposed by the NBA for incidents involving firearms. These suspensions, coupled with a season-ending injury after only playing nine games of the 2023-2024 season, have disrupted Morant's performance on the court. As of this article, the Grizzlies hold a record of 27-51, the third worst in the league's Western Conference.