Every June, which is Black Music Month, presents a chance to reflect on the transformative power and sonic impact of Black music. Whether you grew up digging in the crates for classic records by all-time greats or digitally streaming records by new artists of all genres, you have been unquestionably affected by it. Taking a deeper look at its influence on us is crucial to understanding our culture.

“The Link Up,” powered by Xfinity and REVOLT, does just that. Returning for season 3, and in Black Music Month, the series has a specific new focus on showcasing the cultural prevalence, evolution, and impact of rap music. With such an ambitious goal, it’s only right that Xfinity and REVOLT brought in one of the greatest producers of all-time, and two of the most talented Black hip hop artists. The goals were to create unforgettable performances, see how technology is leveraged in the music-making process, and learn more about the wide reach of Black music.

Hit-Boy, the producer

Hit-Boy is a record producer born and raised in California. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Hit-Boy is known for producing many undeniable hits for some of the biggest artists of all time. These bangers include Drake’s 2014 classic single, “Trophies,” and Nas' Grammy–Award winning 2021 album, King’s Disease II. Through the “Making Da Beat” episode of season 3, we gain special insight into Hit-Boy’s work process and what drives him as a producer.

Nick Grant and Flau’jae Johnson, the lead vocalists

Nick Grant is hip hop’s golden age personified. On albums like Sunday Dinner, he delivers socially conscious hits along with his productions favoring samples-based instrumentals.

Flau’Jae Johnson is a rapper and college basketball player in Louisiana. A national championship shooting guard on the court, she brings the same upbeat energy and unmatched confidence into the booth on songs like “I Can’t Break.”

Demonstrating the role that digital connectivity plays in building interpersonal connectivity and artistic expression, upcoming "The Link Up” episodes explore the transformative power of technology in facilitating collaboration and creativity across diverse backgrounds with fewer barriers to entry than ever before. Xfinity is at the forefront of providing game-changing WiFi that allows hip hop artists to keep telling their stories through music. The result? Diverse offerings influenced by Black Music from the past, influencing all music and society into the future.

The first two seasons of “The Link Up" featured performances and covers of both timeless hits and newer releases. For season 3, however, each artist delivered completely new lyrics during their performances, creating new songs together that are produced by Hit-Boy, in a collaborative way that gives a deserving nod to the power of today’s digital space.

Through their storytelling, hip hop artists do an incredible job of giving audiences music that they can relate to amidst a world of forces that try to pull people apart. Season 3 of “The Link Up” takes this mindset to another level.

Stay tuned for an exclusive look into the process of creating the music for this season, and for inspiring performances that embody the dedication, skill, and impact of Black music.