Erykah Badu, often dubbed the "First Lady of Neo-Soul," has left an unmeasurable mark on R&B and soul music. Emerging in the mid-90s, her distinctive voice, eclectic style, and thought-provoking lyrics, revitalized a genre hungry for authenticity and innovation. Her sound, a fusion of jazz, soul, and Hip Hop, brought a new depth to R&B, building a passionate following and international recognition.

Badu's career is studded with timeless singles such as "On & On," "Tyrone," "Bag Lady," and "Window Seat." These tracks, alongside her captivating live performances, have cemented her status as a musical icon. With multiple Grammy Awards -- including Best R&B Album for Baduizm -- and recognition as a visionary artist, her influence extends beyond music into fashion and activism.

Now, REVOLT will rank her albums celebrating the evolution of an artist whose work continues to resonate and inspire.

5. Worldwide Underground

Worldwide Underground is a groove-laden, funk-infused album that pushes the boundaries of the subgenre Badu pioneered. Released in 2003, it features extended jams and a laid-back, improvisational vibe that mirrors the essence of her live performances. Standout tracks like "Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)" and "Danger" tout a seamless blend of soulful vocals and organic production. With this album, Badu continued to challenge conventions, delivering a sound that is both timeless and refreshingly experimental.

4. New Amerykah Pt. 1

Erykah Badu's New Amerykah Pt. 1 (4th World War) is a bold, politically charged album that blends social commentary with a retooled sonic palette. It displays an uncanny ability to weave complex narratives while addressing contemporary issues like racism, addiction, and societal struggles. Tracks like "Honey" and "The Healer" highlight her versatility. The album's fearless content and innovative production -- featuring beats from Madlib, SA-RA, Karriem Riggins, and the late J Dilla -- established its place as a modern neo-soul classic.

3. New Amerykah Pt. 2

New Amerykah Pt. 2 (Return of the Ankh) is an introspective and emotionally rich project that contrasts its predecessor's political edge with a focus on love and personal reflection. Released in 2010, it features lush, verdant production and Badu's ethereal vocal signature. Tracks like "Window Seat" and "Gone Baby, Don't Be Long" highlight her ability to blend heartfelt lyrics with mesmerizing melodic interpolations of songs she holds dear.

2. Mama’s Gun

Released in 2000, Badu’s sophomore album explores themes of vulnerability, empowerment, and social awareness. The project climbed to No. 11 on the Billboard 200 chart, making her impact on the music world even greater. With tracks like "Bag Lady" and "Didn't Cha Know?," the project blends soulful grooves with transparent storytelling. To this day, Mama's Gun remains a powerful expression of singular artistry and emotional depth.

1. Baduizm

Erykah Badu's 1997 debut album, Baduizm, sparked a revolution in soul music. On the strength of hits like "On & On" and "Next Lifetime," the album shot to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts, changing the face of modern R&B and establishing the Dallas, TX singer as a household name. But fans continue to be mesmerized by the project’s relatable lyrics and profound messages.

With extensive contributions from The Roots, the introduction of Badu also influenced a new generation of musicians and opened the door for a long, fruitful career of blazing trails, marked by innovative artistic approaches and palpable cultural influence.