Dreezy's back at it, ready to shake up the music scene once more with the release of the remix to her hit single “B**ch Duh.” And this time, she's joined by Lakeyah, KenTheMan, and BIA, creating a powerhouse collaboration that's bound to explode with talent and style. Each baddie with bars brings their own unique perspective and artistry to the table.

Following the massive success of the original track that captivated audiences with its quirky catchphrase and caption-worthy lines, Dreezy's assembled a squad of female artists to diversify the energy on the song. From her effortless cool to Lakeyah's fiery delivery, KenTheMan's unwavering confidence, and BIA's magnetic charm, this remix is bound to take over the airwaves and summer playlists.

REVOLT caught up with Dreezy to chat about how the collaboration came about, the importance of camaraderie among women in the industry, and her future in fashion with Balenciaga. Check out the exclusive interview below and stream the “B**ch Duh (Remix),” available on all platforms.

We're here at your first Balenciaga pop up. Speak about the collaboration and how that came about.

All of the pieces that are here are, like, the new Balenciaga pieces handpicked by me. It's basically curated to my style and what I think people would like from me -- my type of crowd... I did it for the men and the women. So, we mixed in some new music. I got “B**ch Duh (Remix)” coming out, so we just got a lot of music and fashion. They go hand in hand.

You have always been a stylish girl. Do you feel like this is your introduction to high fashion, apart from Hip Hop?

Yeah, I think I dib and dab in fashion anyway because that's just what [I’m] into. But I feel like with me being a female artist, fashion is very important. And it's one of my passions, so I really want people to take me more seriously. So, I'm like I need to start working with these brands that are, like, holding the title for that next level. I want to go to Paris Fashion Week. I want to eventually walk the runways and everything. I did Paris Fashion Week before actually, but I haven't walked in it, and I want to just get more into it and show people I'm serious.

You mentioned the remix to “B**ch Duh,” which features an elite group of female rappers -- Lakeyah, KenTheMan, and BIA. How did you choose them for the record?

Man, it happened so organically. Shout out to all the rappers out there, especially [the] female rappers. It was a lot of people that were hitting me up. I just was like, “Hmm, who would fit this sound?” Lakeyah was one of the first people to hit me up -- shout out to Lakeyah. I instantly was like, “Oh, you're definitely gonna be on there. For sure.” Because it's not easy to reach out to another girl and be like, “I want to get on your song.” The fact that she even had the balls to be like, “I'm gonna get on there and eat,” I knew she was just gonna come with it.

I saw BIA comment on it. And Me and BIA are cool, but we ain't done no music yet, so I was just like, “Hmm, I can just hear her voice on the song giving something different.” So, I hit her up and I was like, “Do you want to hop on ‘B**ch Duh’?” She was like, “I thought you were never going to ask.” So, I was like that was perfect!

I've been a fan of KenTheMan! I've always supported her before she was signed or anything. I was already following her, showing her love. I guess she was cool with somebody on my team, and they told me Ken wanted to hop on it. I was like, “I love Ken. Like, she ain't even gotta ask, like, period.” Then the last one -- oh, well, we had Saweetie on [there]. She's not on there anymore, unfortunately, but let me tell y’all [something]. Saweetie did record her verse very quick, and she ate it up so yeah.

The song features some of the most underestimated but highly lyrical female artists that are out. That wasn’t intentional?

Yeah, I wasn't even thinking like let's make it lyrical. I was just literally f**king with the girls that I genuinely f**k with, and they just all so happen to push they own pen. They are very good! And I didn't even notice that until you just said it. I do feel like all of the girls on this track need to get more recognition and more of their flowers. So, I'm glad we got on the track together and showed people, like, we could do this s**t together.