DC Young Fly got real about the lasting effects of the loss of his longtime girlfriend, Jacklyn “Ms. Jacky Oh” Smith, who suddenly passed away days after undergoing a cosmetic procedure. When he appeared on Cam Newton’s show, “Funky Friday,” on April 19, around an hour and 46 minutes into their conversation, Newtown asked if DC’s perception of enhancement surgeries has been altered following the tragedy.

“I get why women want to enhance themselves; I get it,” began his response. He went on to explain that, as men, they have to “do more on just continuously telling our women that they’re beautiful, you have to continuously tell them that they’re gorgeous, you have to always — don’t make your woman feel like she has to go do something… No, no, no. You just love a woman. That’s it.”

The How High 2 actor also implored women to listen to their partner’s praises. As it pertains to facing the growing popularity of BBLs, the “85 South” co-host admitted that it was a reminder of his new reality. “It’s a lot of women who have [a] BBL when you go outside, so I’m constantly reminded. I’m constantly reminded like they made it. There go another big booty, she made it. Go in the club, oh these motherf**kers in here made it,” he solemnly said.

DC also noted that he would not be speaking about his grief candidly elsewhere other than on Newton’s show, as he continued to explain that Jackie having undergone a prior procedure made it easy to not revel in all of the things that could go wrong. “People make decisions. As a unit, you gotta live with that as a unit… As a unit, I took a loss,” he added.

In a reflective moment, he went on to share that the days leading up to Jacky’s death have been replayed non-stop in his mind. “That’s something that I got to relive every day. Every day. Them last three days, it’s something I gotta live with,” he said.

The former “Wild ’N Out” star passed away on May 31. She was 33 and in the early stages of recovering from a reported mommy makeover. She and DC were parents to two daughters and a son. She was laid to rest in her home state of California in June.

Hear more of what DC had to say in the full interview below.