The family of an Ohio man who died while in police custody has retained legal representation as bodycam footage of the incident has been released to the public. The last words Frank E. Tyson uttered are eerily similar to those of George Floyd when he was killed by police in 2020 — "I can’t breathe.”

Tyson passed away on April 18 following his interaction with members of the Canton police force. Officers were called to the American Veterans (AMVETS) Post 124 social club after reports that the local resident had fled the scene of a crash. He is alleged to have knocked down a nearby utility pole. During an attempt to apprehend him, the man was involved in a scuffle with the arresting officers.

In the footage, the man was heard yelling “They’re trying to kill me” and “call the sheriff” before he was handcuffed and pinned face down on the ground. He repeatedly told the men, “I can’t breathe” and “you’re on my neck” as one law enforcement member was shown kneeling on his upper body. Once subdued, the 53-year-old cried out “I can’t breathe” once more and was told, “You’re fine. Shut the f**k up.”

The bodycam then captured the officers speaking with bar patrons about the man’s single vehicle crash as well as their tussle. “I’ve always wanted to be in a bar fight. I don’t know if this counts,” said one of the policemen. When another officer asked, “Did he calm down?” he was told, “Yeah, he might be out.”

According to WKYC, Tyson laid there motionless for five minutes before authorities checked for a pulse. The unresponsive man was commanded to stand up and then rolled over to his side as an officer shook him to get him to move. When both efforts were unsuccessful in getting the man to respond, another attempt at locating a pulse was made before multiple officers began CPR. The recording also revealed that Tyson had been dosed twice with Narcan, an emergency medicine to reverse an opioid overdose. He was declared dead shortly after at a local hospital.

On Friday (April 26), attorney Bobby DiCello, who is representing the Tyson family, issued the following statement: “The death of George Floyd traumatized and galvanized the American people — it led to a decisive call for change and an end to systemic police violence against Black men. It's an unimaginable tragedy, that only four years later history repeats itself. Why tackle him? Why kneel on him? How could you know he lost consciousness and then do nothing? These questions demand answers. And so, we will get those answers for Frank and the whole Tyson family in this time of pain, grief and disbelief.”

Canton Mayor William Sherer II confirmed that he met with the man’s loved ones. “As we make it through this challenging time, my goal is to be as transparent with this community as possible,” he said in a released statement. The officers involved, Beau Schoenegge and Camden Burch, were placed on administrative leave, and the case was moved to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Any forthcoming charges related to the use of force will be determined by the Stark County Prosecutor's Office.