Tia and Tamera Mowry have been cultural icons since the 90s when they starred on “Sister, Sister.” Despite the show going off the air over 20 years ago, the famous twins continue to have relevancy, as proven by the many times they have been name-dropped in songs throughout their decades-long careers.

Tamera gagged fans when she not only reacted to hearing their names mentioned in popular Hip Hop records but also ranked the tracks in a video shared to Instagram on Friday (Jan. 19). In the caption, she wrote “Y’all, why didn’t you tell me about these songs?! Gotta say, I had some fun listening to all these lyrics (ya’ll are creative)! Rank them with me in the comments – I need your take on this wild mix!” Off bat, the actress seemed to enjoy the music, although more than a few of the lyrical references left her visibly shocked.

Su’Lan rapped, “Twin glocks, s**t Tamera and Tia,” which garnered a smile and head bop from one half of the beloved duo. While J. Cole’s “If I had one wish, I would f**k Tia and Tamera at the same time” lyric began with a pleasant smile, it did not take long for Tamera’s face to shift into a wide-eyed and open-mouth stare.

“The Real” co-host previously addressed hearing her and sister Tia’s names in the song. Admittedly, she said that she was shocked, just not by the sexual nature of the lyrics. “I’m more offended that he couldn’t tell us apart. I have a mole, J. Cole — right there!” she enthusiastically joked on the talkshow.

The entertainer seemed to be hearing Polo G’s reference on the track “Distraction” for the first time as he rapped, “Twin glocks, Tia and Tamera, yeah, these my new b**ches/ Hit they block with the switches.” “I like that one too,” she said before being informed that she misunderstood part of the lyrics. “He said, ‘glocks’? I thought he said ‘blocks,’” she quipped with her hand over her chest.

However, it was obvious by her dancing and lip-synching the words that Doja Cat’s name-drop was taking the top spot. She ranked the records from most liked to least as follows:

Doja Cat & Rico Nasty “Tia Tamera”

Bia And Nicki Minaj “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)”

J. Cole “Cole Summer”

Polo G “Distraction”

Su’Lan “Tia-Tamera”

Chief Keef “Picking Big Sean Up”