Embarking on a musical odyssey with this star means navigating the ever-shifting landscapes of contemporary Hip Hop. Emerging from the streets of Harlem, ASAP Rocky not only carved a niche for himself but also played a pivotal role in shaping the genre’s trajectory as a member of the influential ASAP Mob collective. From his early days crafting mixtapes to the groundbreaking release of Live.Love.ASAP in 2011 that thrust him into the limelight, Rocky’s rise has been nothing short of remarkable. In our quest to rank his albums, from the groundbreaking debut to the genre-bending experimentation of TESTING, we delve into the evolution of a performer who continues to have a lasting impact on the global Hip Hop scene. Check out our ranking of the MC’s albums below.


TESTING presents a bold exploration of unconventional sounds and a supersonic departure. The album, released in 2018, is a prime example of ASAP Rocky’s contemporary approach to music and features collaborations with a diverse roster that include Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi and Skepta. Hit songs like “Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” and “ASAP Forever” showcase his ability to easily combine elements of alternative Hip Hop, trap and psychedelic music. TESTING is proof of the artist’s growth and his dedication to expanding the parameters of conventional rap.


ASAP Rocky’s AT.LONG.LAST.ASAP is a noteworthy release. The album showcases ASAP Rocky’s willingness to push boundaries and explore diverse musical influences. The project features an impressive lineup of collaborations, including appearances by Kanye West, Future and Lil Wayne. In addition to showcasing ASAP Rocky’s reflective lyrics, standout tracks like “LSD” and “Everyday” also draw attention to the album’s psychedelic and genre-bending production.

Plus, being a demonstration of ASAP Rocky’s developing skill, AT.LONG.LAST.ASAP also shows his ability to successfully traverse a variety of musical terrains. This album solidifies its place in ASAP Rocky’s discography by demonstrating his ongoing dedication to creativity and readiness to try new things.


ASAP Rocky’s first studio album, Long.Live.ASAP, emerges as a pivotal chapter in the artist’s discography. Unveiled in 2013, the album reveals his evolution as an artist, blending his distinct urban charm with a more expansive sonic palette. The title track sets the tone for the LP’s audacious exploration of different musical elements. Unforgettable singles like “Goldie” and “Fashion Killa” dominated the charts, and also cemented ASAP Rocky’s reputation as a trendsetter in the rap scene. The album’s success can be attributed not only to his lyrical finesse but also to the star-studded collaborations like Drake, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. Long.Live.ASAP marked a pivotal moment in ASAP Rocky’s career, achieving double platinum status and selling over two million records.


Live.Love.ASAP, ASAP Rocky‘s debut mixtape, is regarded as a landmark album that not only catapulted him into the Hip Hop spotlight, but also forever changed the genre. Released in 2011, the project highlighted his distinctive lyrical finesse, avant-garde production and urban charisma. Hits like “Purple Swag,” “Peso” and “Wassup,” among others, made the mixtape known for its cutting-edge style. Live.Love.ASAP was unique not only for its catchy beats and charismatic performance by the star, but also for its collaborative spirit, which included cameos from other members of the ASAP Mob.

The mixtape’s impact extended beyond the confines of Hip Hop, influencing fashion, art and the cultural zeitgeist. As ASAP Rocky’s most impactful album to date, Live.Love.ASAP laid the foundation for a career marked by continual evolution, pushing boundaries and an unwavering commitment to artistic innovation.